Wrestling with logic

John Beyer’s position as The Daily Mail’s chief TV critic was bolstered today when he was called upon to comment on ITV’s upcoming Celebrity Wrestling show.

“I guess it could be pretty undignified seeing women wrestling with each other,” he opined coyly, before going on to admit that “it could be quite entertaining”. He also mentioned the huge popularity of Celebrity Come Dancing, and went on to say that “viewers are tired of getting celebrities fooling around.”

Such perspicacity! Is it any wonder The Mail calls on mediawatch-uk whenever they need a comment on a TV show?

With typical Daily-Mail integrity, the webpage containing the article has link which invites you to “meet the Celebrity Wrestling contestants”, and the actual newspaper illustrates the story with photos of Kate Lawler and Annabel Croft, although they are not, I’m sad to say, engaged in hand-to-hand combat.

One Response to “Wrestling with logic”

  1. Jo says:

    I hope that dog Kate “what-can-i-do-next-to-get-in-the-paper” Lawler gets her ass kicked by Michelle H at wrestling!!