Springer opera to hit Cardiff

According to the Western Mail, Jerry Springer: the Opera seems likely to be staged at the Wales Millennium Centre, much to the annoyance of kooky Christian Voice campaigner Stephen Green.

We have to explain to the Millennium Centre that there will be opposition to it. Holding a vigil outside as we have been doing at the Cambridge Theatre, in London, is one option.

For the taxpayer to be subsidising something which is blasphemous and which causes deep offence to almighty God and Christians seems to be highly inappropriate.

Well, it keeps him busy, bless him.

Another objector is Welsh AM David Davies, who remained true to type of every persecuted religionist when he said,

The wouldn’t dare put on a play that depicted other religious leaders in the way Jesus is depicted in Jerry Springer.

To quote Sunny Hundal in the Asian Times (linked above and below) “Every time someone gets offended, it has become standard policy to complain that followers of other faiths are treated with more respect.”

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