24 turn out for closing night’s “Big Rally”

Christian Voice’s latest “E-Alert” boasts that 24 protestors turned up at the final performance of Jerry Springer: The Opera on Saturday to “hand out leaflets, speak to passers by and witness the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ”.

Now that the show has closed in London, Stephen Green announced that he would be turning his attention to regional theatres:

Londoners and those within easy reach of the West End have played their part.  It is now up to Christians in the rest of the UK .  We celebrated the end of Jerry Springer the Opera at the Cambridge Theatre, but we now need to pray it doesn’t open anywhere else.   Certainly, with an action against the BBC and the musical’s producers for blasphemy due to start any day now, it will be a brave, or foolhardy, theatre management which will put it on.  It is my hope that Jerry Springer the Opera will achieve pariah status in the regions, and that no local theatre will even think of staging it.   Our members will be watching their local theatres closely.

Since he knows full well that the Millennium Centre in Cardiff is already thinking of staging it, one wonders what Stevie can mean.

An interesting insight into the man’s mental state can be gained from a look at the meta tags on his website. These are his “keywords”:

Christian, Voice, Stephen, Green, prophetic, ministry, politics, Jesus Christ, Britain in Sin, Jerry Springer, repentance, homosexuality, gay, homos, deviant, sex, perversion, sin, Lord, Judgement

Interesting that Stephen Green is four places higher up the pecking order than Jesus Christ himself, and the the Lord is tacked on almost as an afterthought – clearly taking up less of Green’s thinking time than “homos”.


4 Responses to “24 turn out for closing night’s “Big Rally””

  1. Dan Factor says:

    Maybe it’s time people with a brain told Stephen Green and his band of god botherers to eff off and stop trying to dictate what theatres and TV channels can show and what we can and cannot see.

  2. Dan Factor says:

    “Our members will be watching their local theatres closely” Who the fuck do this lot think they are, the police or something? I hope any theatre that gets harrasment from this bunch of god bothers tells them to fuck off.

  3. Joe says:

    Well, if you want to tell them to get the fuck off, it’s not terribly difficult to find Mr Green’s personal telephone number and address on the Christian Voice site.

  4. Christopher Shell says:

    Proof positive that swearing is a good thing after all lies in the staggeringly high IQ of the above comments.