Green and Soul go head to head on R4

A spot on this morning’s Today program covered the Christian Voice / Maggie’s Centres charity scandal (see below). Stephen Green, the self-important publicity seeker behind Christian Voice, admitted to having told the charity that he would mount protests outside their centres if they accepted the donation (which turned out to be £3,000, rather than the £10,000 first mooted).

David Soul voiced his resentment at “strongarm mob tactics”, and a Christian emailer wondered how a fellow Christian could resort to such blackmail. Green denied he was blackmailing anyone:

I was simply warning people of the consequences of their actions.

Er…isn’t that what blackmailers do?

There wouldn’t have been any consequences if Green hadn’t kicked up this self-serving stink in the first place.

2 Responses to “Green and Soul go head to head on R4”

  1. Mac says:

    I heard the interview,sadly David Soul did not manage to make his point very well, but Stephen Green came across as a blackmailer. Surely somebody should be taking this waste of oxygen to court over this ? I believe blackmail is illegal 😉

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