Derby theatre wets its pants takes a stand

Today’s Times carries an article about the Christian Voice Springer protestors, and how they intend to picket regional theatres.

Already the Derby Assembly Rooms has cancelled:

“If the BBC can’t cope with Christian Voice, then it is highly unlikely that we can,” a spokeswoman said. “It is dreadful what happened to the cancer charity. We had been hoping to have the show this autumn but that is not going to happen now.

Hopefully we could do it some time next year, but it is all still up in the air. If there are more episodes like this, it will certainly affect the decision-making”.

What are they afraid of? A repeat of the ugly scenes at the Cambridge Theatre pictured here? Five pixel-faced loons handing out leaflets is hardly a security risk. Ok, the guy in the green bomber has a clenched fist, but that’s as threatening as it gets.
If theatres such as the Derby Assembly Rooms don’t stand up to these idiots then freedom of expression in this country is in serious danger. The general manager’s email address can be found on this web page.

UPDATE: It seems the Derby Assembly Rooms spokesperson was misquoted in the Times. No decision has been made about the show, but Peter Ireson the general manager has stated categorically that they would not be influenced by protests. Thanks to Paternoster Tom for the info.

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