Derby Theatre takes a stand

It turns out that the spokesperson for the Derby Assembly Rooms was misquoted in the Times article cited below. Peter Ireson, the theatre’s general manager, has responded to query from Mediawatchwatch reader Tom Paternoster stating categorically that the decision whether or not to put on JS:TO would not be influenced by threats from Christian Voice. The decision has not yet been made, though Mr Ireson did acknowledge that any protests would serve only to boost ticket sales for the production.

So, bravo to the Derby Assembly Rooms, and apologies from Mediawatchwatch for repeating the inaccuracies of The Times.

4 Responses to “Derby Theatre takes a stand”

  1. Christopher Shell says:

    For the record, The Times was inaccurate on other points too: (1) SG’s attitude to Hinduism and (2) any connection of SG with the death threats – assuming that there were indeed death threats.

    Rule 1: Lets not believe everything we read in newspapers.

    Why was SG the very person in the BBC demo who successfully tried to make everything more moderate, by encouraging us to pray and sing rather than chant slogans?

  2. tom p says:

    He posted the phone numbers.
    He facilitated the death threats being made. He is either a a very stupid man (not knowing what might happen) or an evil hypocrite (knowing what might happen). although I’m not discounting the possibility of him being both.

  3. Christopher Shell says:

    He was v.naive to post the phone numbers. He did so because all more gentle channels had failed. I know how he feels! There comes a time when computer-generated responses from the BBC are unacceptable.

    Judge for yourself which of your 2 options is the right one. He doesnt strike me as Dr Evil plotting to take over the universe.

    The puzzling thing is that ppl agree he has very little power, yet cant stop talking about him – suggesting they see him nevertheless as a threat. Maybe he’s a threat to something else: the nonsensical belief that actions have no consequences.

  4. darren says:

    Chris “lets not believe everything we read in newspapers” but lets believe everything written in the FUCKING bible hey! you HEE HEE you make me laugh