Regional theatres urged to book JS:TO

JS:TO producer John Thoday has issued a challenge to regional theatres to “back and book” the production. He told The Stage that there are 25 theatres who “100% want it to happen”, and that he expects a 27-week tour to start in Plymouth on January 2006.

We are doing everything we can to make it happen. [Springer authors] Stewart Lee and Richard Thomas want it to happen and we thank the theatres that are being supportive. This is a brilliantly funny show and we cannot let these people stop something so good. Jerry Springer has won more awards than any other new musical written by British writers. That small group of reactionary individuals cannot stop something being presented.

Stephen “I’m like John the Baptist” Green has confirmed that he has the “financial acumen” to prosecute theatres for blasphemy. He told The Stage

What this will come down to in the end is whether the jury will convict them. Thank God, that despite the best intentions of our wonderful civil libertarian, go-ahead government, we still have a jury system and it will be down to them whether they find it blasphemous

Theatre producers should note that the legal advice from the National Secular Society is that the prospect of a successful prosecution for blasphemy is “virtually nil”.

Green added,

You can’t deny that Behzti closed and so what they did was effective. But we look at things slightly differently. We are a Christian organisation.

They don’t do violence. Just blackmail.

(Thanks again to Flotsam for the heads-up)

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