Bradford Alhambra to show JS:TO

BBC Bradford reports that The Alhambra is in talks with the producers of JS:TO, and could stage the play in May 2006.

The Reverend Douglas Legge of Thorpe Edge Evangelical Church isn’t happy:

I’ve never seen it and I don’t think it is necessary to see it as I’ve read sufficient information about it to see what kind of production it is.

Any contact with this is degrading to even someone who mentally rejects it. It is blasphemous and sets out to insult Jesus Christ who came into the world and gave his life for us.

It offends those who believe in and love Jesus. It basically intends to mock religion.

Alhambra manager Adam Renton is the voice of sanity:

I would hope the audience use their own personal preferences and make up their own minds about whether to see the show.

Reverend Legge, on the other hand, would like to make up your mind for you. He knows best, you see.

(Thanks to Flotsam)

One Response to “Bradford Alhambra to show JS:TO

  1. Dr Christopher Shell says:

    Everyone knows that it would be impossible to watch every bit of questionable material in order to comment on it.
    What if there is just too much such material around?
    What if people want to fill their minds with good things instead?
    What if there are certain types of subject-matter that could not possibly benefit anyone, and that one could automatically rule out?
    What if, just as some things can be ruled out on the basis of a viewing, others can be ruled out on the basis of an accurate description?
    What if no-one can give a coherent answer re what positive benefit they obtain from swearing and blasphemy?