“Bishop” Michael Reid reacts to Springer verdict

You might have got the impression that the folks at the Christian Congress for Traditional Values were ignoring the Programme Complaints Committee’s verdict on JS:TO, but you would be wrong. CCTV leader “Bishop” Michael Reid has spoken about it – it’s just that he was widely ignored by the liberal secular media, who are obviously trying to suppress his highly influential organisation.

The Bish gave views on the subject to the CCTV webmaster, who dutifully put them up on the site. They appear in a news release entitled “Christian pressure group grows” – though why it is called that is anyone’s guess, as the first half is about the CRAC head’s Guardian interview , and the second is given over to the Bish. No further mention nor evidence is given for the claimed growth of the pressure group, which we must assume falls into the same category as the “impact” they brag about in their news release mentioned in the article below, ie completely imaginary.

The Bish’s main beef is with the make-up of the Programme Complaints Committee:

Its own internal watchdog, the Programme Complaints Committee which is made up of five members of the Board of Governors, is clearly in the grip of the pervading anti-Christian attitude which stamps the arrogant management elite.

Only 18% of the population are practising members of an organised religion, so the fact that 20% of the Committee is made up of Angela Sarkis would suggest that it is fairly representative of the population as a whole. On the other hand, if, as Mediawatchwatch suspects (and correction is welcome), Sarkis is a literal-Bible-believing fundamentalist who thinks the story of Noah’s Ark is historical fact, and the theory of evolution is a Satanic deception, then that sector of the population is disproportionately represented on the Committee, and she should consider resigning.

So just four Governors of the BBC tell us their views are superior to the sincerely-held views of 63,000 licence-payers who felt the programme was a literal depiction of a gay, sexually-perverted and weak Jesus and as a consequence there was no justification for its broadcast

However “sincerely-held” those views were, the fact remains that it was not a literal depiction of Jesus: it was a dream. So even if Reid is correct in divining that 63,000 people “felt” it to be so (though how he knows that is a mystery, especially since at least 55,000 of them hadn’t seen the show before they complained), they were wrong. Therefore the Governors views, being based on fact rather than speculation, are indeed superior.

The CCTV is not going to take this lying down.


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  1. Christopher Shell says:

    Suppose it’s better than ‘Steps will be taken.’ :oD

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