Stephen Green Flashbacks Pt 4 – Death and resurrection

My it’s been quiet round here recently! Here’s another Stephen Green flashback to keep you going.

The Guardian diary of February 16th 1994 talks of Green’s inexorable decline from grace as chairman of the Conservative Family Campaign. Sponsors of the campaign were withdrawing their support as it became increasingly apparent that Stevie-boy was several books short of a full King James.

The final straw came with a letter to Stonewall regarding a proposed change in the law to lower the legal age of homosexual consent. In it he makes the now-familiar claim,

I believe I have been called by God to provide leadership for Christians to oppose these moves.

And how does he know he’s doing the right thing? By the strength of the opposition – how else?

Of course this is not the only matter to concern Christians today, but it is identifiable, its importance can be gauged by the effort Satan’s forces are putting in, and it is a battle which Christians can win in the Name of the Authority of Christ.

The fact that several Conservatives, including Edwina Currie, supported the equalisation of the age of consent was another reason why the president of the CFC, Bill Walker MP, was happy to “accept” Green’s “resignation”.

…it is wrong to describe party activists as working for

Stephen Green set up Christian Voice later that year.

14 Responses to “Stephen Green Flashbacks Pt 4 – Death and resurrection

  1. tom p says:

    Where is ‘Dr’ Shell? How will we be able to interpret this info without his wise guidance?

    I have a sneaking suspicion that the ‘Dr’ is actually an Eliza. Look at how many of his posts are practically identical.

  2. Christopher Shell says:

    Back from holiday! What is an Eliza? Someone who Does Little?

  3. tom p says:

    Speak of the Devil and he shows up!
    Good to see you back “Dr”. I trust you had a nice time.
    Have you been locked in the conclave?

    The first two results on a google for eliza give a partial explanation (the first one giving a practical example). Your Pygmalion reference was the aposite one. I was being a tad mischevious suggesting it, seeing if you were lurking.

  4. Christopher Shell says:

    Well, Most Reverend Sir Professor, I guess the choice of pope is one of the few things you can’t blame me for. Though I have enjoyed the tabloids’ field day: ‘Papa Ratzi’, ‘German Shepherd’, ‘Rottweiler’ and so forth.

  5. tom p says:

    The Papa Ratzi was my favourite by far.
    As for titles, I’m not claiming to be a doctor (or a docker for that matter)

  6. Christopher Shell says:

    Nor am I ‘claiming’ to be one. I just am one whether I like it or not.

    Why is it such a big deal? The world is full of hundreds of thousands of doctors, especially in America.

  7. tom p says:

    yes, and many of them (in america) obtained their ‘doctorates’ through the same sorts of institutions that ‘Dr’ Ian Paisley obtained his.
    People only doubt the veracity of your title because you so consistently miss the point. I’ve asked before, purely out of curiosity, what your doctorate is in, but you’ve ignored the question (rather than say that you’d rather not answer).

  8. Monitor says:

    My guess: his PhD is in something to do with the bible, from the London School of Theology.

  9. tom p says:

    That’s what I was thinking. There or possibly one of the Us correspndence colleges.
    I wonder if I could get a PhD in believing literally every word of a work of fiction. I’ll see if a proper university will take me on for credence in peter pan studies. After all, there was definitely someone called Wendy living in London some time ago, and London definitely exists and has done for millennia, so the rest of it must be true

  10. Christopher Shell says:

    Sorry for forgetting the question, it’s from Cambridge in ecstasy and altered states of consciousness. Yes there is a special connection with the ancient near-east including the world of the Bible, the classical world etc..

    Rather than missing the point (though Im sure I sometimes do that as well) I think Im often stepping behind the point to draw attention to questionable presuppositions.

  11. tom p says:

    —insert cheap joke about believing in god being an altered state of consciousness here—

    sounds like an interesting subject, mind, esepecially with all those prophets and their hallucinations thinking they got a special message from the creator of the universe.
    when you say ecstasy, do you mean the feeling of euphoria or the drug?

  12. Christopher Shell says:

    LOL – the state of consciousness – though no doubt the drug induces the state of consciousness.

  13. tom p says:

    yes. yes it does.
    you’ve never tried it?

  14. Christopher Shell says:

    I did nahhhht inhale.
    (or pill-pop, as the case may be.)