Lazy journos rent quotes

Fergus Sheppard, media correspondent for The Scotsman, reports on Channel 4’s record profits this year. Who better to make an informed comment than Massah John Beyer, who branded the Channel’s programmes as “innovative in the wrong direction”?

Channel 4 seems to interpret its remit to accommodate programmes which it is difficult to justify as public-service broadcasting.

he mumbled.

Sheppard does have a scoop on Dr Who, though. An upcoming episode features a bisexual “time agent” called Captain Jack Harkness who tries to get off with both Rose and the Doctor himself. That should provoke an entertaining bit of outrage from some quarters.

Meanwhile, the BBC website has an article about the lamentable practice of product placing tobacco products in children’s films – something that Beyer finds “worrying”.

Companies, and not just the tobacco industry, like to use films to promote their products. It is a way of reaching their audience almost subliminally.

It is particularly concerning when it is targeted at children and also when it involves a product such as cigarettes.

Was his mind-numbingly banal comment.

One Response to “Lazy journos rent quotes”

  1. Dan Factor says:

    Well surely Beyer enjoys seeing tabacoo in films rather than fucking and killing!

    As for his quotes about channel 4’s profits. Oh no! People are watching things he dissaproves of. He must do more to stop them.
    Mind you if him and Miranda Suit keep up their campaign to get channel 4 taken off the air for endless “filth” he will sucseed.