Religious hatred update

Just after the election English PEN received a letter from Charles Clarke promising to consult with various groups on the issues raised by the Bill.

As we have stated, we will continue our dialogue with faith groups on these issues. I would like to point out that in the past these dialogues have included groups of no faith and will continue to include them.

No such consultation has taken place, and yet the Bill has already been published. The stench of burning pants is unmistakable.

Over at Index on Censorship there is an article by Rohan Jayasekera: “A government sponsored bear pit for religious extremists”.

By passing an act to outlaw incitement to religious hatred, the British government will create a quasi-legal forum for extremists ready to use one law while breaking others – to silence critics of their faith and punish apostates.

Why not write to your MP and tell them what a terrible idea this law is? English PEN has handily provided a model letter which outlines the main objections.

2 Responses to “Religious hatred update”

  1. Mary Leue says:

    Sure wish we had a program like yours here in Bushland. Our media need monitoring so bad it hurts! Any chances of branching out with an American cousin link? Yeah, I know, we need to do it ourselves.

  2. Andy A says:

    Mary, am I right in thinking that even the New York Times, thought to be among the more liberal, has been looking again at its editorial policy after high-powered groups such as the American Family Association and other assorted nutters have organised boycotts of the products of advertisers? This, I gather, is part of the same campaign as is getting ads pulled from such shows as Will and Grace and the delicious Desperate Housewives. Ever time I read of this kine of think, my heart goes out to American rationalists and freethinkers.