The L-word and other unmentionables

l-word poster
According to Broadcast Now, Living TV’s ads for their lesbian drama The L-Word have sparked hundreds of complaints.

Issues raised ranged from a parenting group claiming that the images were encouraging sex education to a motoring association objecting that the adverts were distracting for drivers.

The ads, showing scantily clad ladies with slogans stitched into their unmentionables, had apparently been discussed with the ASA beforehand, and had also been given approval by Stonewall before launch.

5 Responses to “The L-word and other unmentionables”

  1. Andy L says:

    Oh NOES! They’re encouraging EDUCATION!

  2. tom p says:

    I wonder how the ads encourage sex education.
    If it works, should the government offer funding for a sexy drama about mathematicians in the hope of encouraging maths education

  3. Flotsam says:

    Sounds like a recipe for a new reality show based on a concept from nearly 2,000 years ago; throwing the Christians to the lesbians.

  4. Andrew Nixon says:

    The ASA has rejected all the complaints. Well done ASA!

  5. Louise says:

    Ive seen raunchier ads 4 cars or in pop videos! I dont believe that there are grounds for complaints. Its just homophobic idiots!!!