Evangelical Christian uses the word “naivety”

Angela Sarkis, the only member of the BBC Governors Programme Complaints Committee to vote against supporting the decision to show Jerry Springer: The Opera, last night accused her fellow governors of naivety.

In looking at it very carefully it was quite clear that staff had followed guidelines. The issue I felt was that the management showed a degree of naivety of the fact that there would be complaints coming from people of faith. There was a great deal of naivety.

The broadcast attracted 63,000 complaints, largely due to Christian pressure groups cottoning on to the web as a tool for convenient one-click whingeing. 55,000 of them were received before the programme was shown.

The complaints were rejected not only by the governors, but also Ofcom and the High Court.

No doubt a grisly fate awaits them in an eternal post-death torture chamber.

Source: broadcastnow.co.uk

One Response to “Evangelical Christian uses the word “naivety””

  1. Will says:

    That complaints figure is almost certainly an exaggeration as I and others who sent emails of support received messages back thanking us for our complaints.