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News has been slow to filter through on this, but the Arts Council has withdrawn its offer help fund the UK tour of Jerry Springer: The Opera. After Christian Voice had bullied a third of venues to drop out of the tour, writers Stewart Lee and Richard Thomas agreed to waive their royalties, and the Arts Council stepped in to make up the difference. In an interview with the Independent on Sunday on July 31 (no link), Lee reveals that they reneged on this deal at the end of June.

However, as stated in Stewart’s latest mailout, “Lee’s financial loss is comedy’s gain” – and he will be appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe before going on national tour.

… the bulk of the new hour is built around a scenario where I meet Jesus, and he forgives me for my part in a supposedly blasphemous work, via a series of of selfless yet degrading acts (culminating in him offering himself up as a receptacle for my vomit during a bout of depression-induced drunkenness).

Jesus acting as the heavin’-Lee host? (Sorry)

In more good news, Stewart has revealed to MWW that the JS:TO tour will go on. They are all doing it for nothing, and the venues have cut costs. There may be an official announcement next week.

It’s become a matter of principle.


3 Responses to “JS:TO latest”

  1. Marc says:

    Hear, hear!

    I wonder if there’s any chance of him staging the show at King’s Academy in Middlesbrough? I hear they have excellent facilities and I could get there to see it. The Xians would do well to read their own texts once in a while as this reminds me of David and Goliath; some people stand up to bullies!

  2. Tania says:

    So the cast are doing it for nothing?! I’m confused.

  3. Monitor says:

    I think it’s just Lee and Thomas waiving their royalties, Tania. But I don’t know the whole story. I doubt very much the actors are doing it for nothing.