Corpus Christi to show at Edinburgh

The Terrence McNally play described by Stephen Green as “a massive homosexual propaganda vehicle” is being shown at C Electric (the old Odeon on Clerk St). Corpus Christi was the subject of Christian Voice’s main pre-Springer protest when it was shown at St Andrew’s University in 2004.

The producers of the current show have been forced to seek police advice on providing security for their actors. Director Zsuzsi Lindsay told The Scotsman:

In America, we had a few protesters from a local church who we invited to talk to us about the play, and many of them actually went away wondering why they had been protesting. But in St Andrews, the people didn’t want to know and they were outside every night and actually tracked down our directors to their homes, which was quite scary.

Edinburgh Christian Voice member Bruce McNally, who was involved in the St Andrew’s protest, says:

I am quite surprised that this kind of material is being brought to the Fringe, especially with the new religious hatred Bill going through Parliament, as it is deeply offensive to many people.

4 Responses to “Corpus Christi to show at Edinburgh”

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  2. Dan Factor says:

    Bruce McNally should be made aware that the relegious hatred law is not supposed to censor art.

  3. G. Tingey says:

    Deeply Offensive is NOT promoting hatred It is promoting ridicule and possibly contempt.
    This is the whole problem – some people get offended, but that is THEIR problem, as opposed to promting “hate” – which is something else entiely … erm …
    The religious have got brain-fade again – what a suprise!”

  4. Judgemonkey says:

    Apparently Amnesty International are fielding a big pink tank at the Gay pride march in manchester as part of their arms control campaign. Maybe we could point that out to Stephen Green as “a massive homosexual propaganda vehicle” and keep him quiet for a while!