Springer on or off?

Reports in The Sunday Times, The Independent, and now the BBC are all jumping on what we hear at MWW thought was old news, namely that the Arts Council decided at the end of June to withdraw its offer to help fund the UK tour of Jerry Springer: The Opera. All the reports claim that JS:TO will not be shown in the UK in the foreseeable future.

This contradicts what Stewart Lee told MWW two weeks ago, which was that the show would go on.

All very confusing. Will try to get the facts.

UPDATE: Coincidentally, Stewart Lee and Richard Thomas are doing a “funny talk about JS:TO” today and tomorrow (16th and 17th) at the Assembly Ballroom in Edinburgh. The feeding of this old news to The Sunday Times couldn’t have anything to do with drumming up a bit of publicity for this show, could it? Fair play to them.

Expect a “the show will go on” announcement today.

MWW has just purchased two tickets for the Feb 10 performance at the Birmingham Hippodrome.

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