Jerry Springer, onanistic Janus

Stewart Lee and Richard Thomas have spoken out against Jerry Springer, branding him a “two-faced wanker” for withdrawing his support for the musical JS:TO.

Springer was originally full of praise for the show, as Lee pointed out during the talk entitled How to Write an Opera About Jerry Springer:

Springer came to the opening night and said it was so good he wished he’d written it. Two-faced wanker. He somewhat shifted his opinion after the controversy.

He called me a neo-nazi apologist. Only his change of mind happened behind closed doors, so no one knew about it – until now.

Thomas added,

We think he was trying to restart his political career at that point.

One Response to “Jerry Springer, onanistic Janus”

  1. marc says:

    Jerry Springer – a wanker? Hardly news, now is it.

    The yellow-bellied pussy should be chucked off TV.