Catching up

Slow blogging here at MWW owing to the holiday season and a dial-up connection. Here’s a quick roundup of a few stories we’ve missed in the past few days.

Pornstar outshines Beyer.

Cristina Odone does a U-turn, and mocks those who care, upsetting Beyer who must have thought he had a friend in the media elite.

They moan, they wail, they write green-inked letters to Channel 4 or Ofcom and accuse video-game manufacturers of nothing short of murder…

Stephen Green has a whinge at the Edinburgh TV festival about people who “know something is going to be offensive but then just go ahead and show it.”

Unlike our Stephen, who would never dream of offending anyone.

4 Responses to “Catching up”

  1. Dan Factor says:

    This is what I have always said. If parents don’t let their kids watch hours of TV and play violent video games then there wouldnt be a problem. They wouldn’t get fat and lazy and they wouldn’t be influenced by violence on the screen.
    Unfortunatly the moral guardians like Mediawatch UK would prefer adults to be denied their freedom to consume what media products they choose in order to protect the children of a few irresponsible parents.
    I as 26 year old man must be denied the freedom to play Grand Theft Auto or Manhunt because little Johnny’s Mum and Dad won’t stop him from playing them? BOLLOX!

  2. Dan Factor says:

    Re Beyer’s comments regarding people working in the sex industry.
    Whilst he acknowledes some people enjoy that sort of job he really believes they should not be allowed to do it.
    “Sex should be a private matter and not a spectator sport” he says. That’s his view which he is entitled to but other people think diffrently. Why should they be denied the right to carry out their private lives without interference from the state or groups like Mediawatch UK?
    Beyer goes on about private matters yet he wants people’s private matters to be dictated by curbed by law if they are doing anything he dissproves of, ie: viewing or producing consensual sexual images.

  3. Shaun Hollingworth says:

    That pornstar lady is far, far better looking than John Beyer too!

    Seriously why oh why, does he and his ilk always get their say on the BBC, and in the papers, when the people at the Melon Farmers web site etc. etc., never get a look in ?

    Dear Massah Beyer, can we have our freedom please sir ?

  4. Andy L says:

    Always thought Michelle Thorne was a lovely girl.