Not-very-Christian Voice

Charity-blackmailing, theatre-threatening bibliolater, Stephen Green of Christian Voice, hasn’t been in touch for a while. He and MWW used to have a lively little email relationship going, but the self-styled John the Baptist-a-like has maintained an undignified silence ever since his story about the alleged homosexualist recreation of “gerbil stuffing”was revealed to be an urban myth.

The allegation appeared in Stephen’s book, The Sexual Dead End. Before the myth-busting took place, he had written

…if I am completely up the creek on this of the gerbil, which I do not concede, I am rather pleased that this is the only matter of fact which has been challenged in a book of 482 pages, with 1100 points of reference and an index of 1300 names of people and organisations in the thirteen years since it was published.

MMW concluded that Stephen’s thesis can’t have received a great deal of critical attention, so we asked him to send us a review copy. Imagine our surprise when he asked us to send him £10 first. The cheek of it!

So, we asked him again. Very politely. But this time reminding him of one of the direct commands given by Jesus regarding how a Christian should react to those who ask for things. From Matthew 5:42:

“Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away.”

The command is repeated in Luke 6:30. Taken in context, Jesus Christ Almighty – Mr Green’s King and saviour – is pretty unequivocal on this point: if someone asks you for something, you’d better bloody well give it to him.

Thrice we have asked Mr Green to send us his book, and thrice he has denied us.

Is Stevie having second thoughts about his chosen path? Has being called a “twat” by Stewart Lee and an “irrelevant runt” by Claire Fox shaken his resolve to live the Christian life? What could have led him to such outright defiance of his King’s commandments? Has the biblical literalist come up with a metaphorical interpretation of this one? Or is he just a hypocrite?

We will keep you informed of any developments (but don’t hold your breath).

One Response to “Not-very-Christian Voice”

  1. Andy L says:

    Monitor… Don’t you know that’s one of the bits of the Bible that you’re allowed to ignore? There’s a secret list that only Green can see, obviously.