Political correctness cone mad


According to The Sun, fast-food chain Burger King are withdrawing their ice-cream cones because the swirl on the lid looks a bit like the word “Allah”.

The MCB’s Inayat Bunglawala commented,

We commend the sensitive and prompt action to prevent any hurt being caused to the religious sensibilities of others.

(Thanks to Pickled Politics for the scoop)

UPDATE: Eastern Eye has more. The complainer was Rashad Akhtar, 27, of High Wycombe – and he’s not happy. He doesn’t think BK have gone far enough, and wants the designer sacked.

Them recalling this product is not sufficient. It should be taken away from the stores now.
I have had no correspondence from Burger King.
These people who have designed this think they can get away with this again and again. This is my jihad.
How can you say it is a spinning swirl? If you spin it one way – to the right, you are offending Muslims.
I ordered my food and then got talking to a worker, a French guy.
He asked me: ‘Are you Muslim?’
He showed me the cone.
I felt humiliated.

Apparently Mr Akhtar only ever eats strawberry ice-cream. When asked why, he explained that he felt humiliated by the flavours chocallaht and vanallah.

Oh, hang on. We just made that last bit up.

(Thanks again to PP – but not for the joke, for which we accept full responsibility)

47 Responses to “Political correctness cone mad”

  1. Andrew Nixon says:

    Strange, when something vaguely resembling the Arabic word for Allah appears in something like a piece of fruit, it’s evidence of the existence of Allah. When it appears on an ice cream cone, it’s a terrible thing!

  2. Marc says:

    Funny – looks more like the first letter of “Wanker” to me. From that you can draw some conclusion as to what I think of the people that withdrew it.

  3. Marc says:

    And this comment from Inayat Bunglawala is fucking typical too: what about the rights of the non-religous to take offence at “faithful” views expressed by the rich and mentally ill? – “The end of the world is nigh!” “Jesus Saves” (who? what?) “Jesus is alive!” (err, what?). “If you’re not a muslim, you’re not worthy of respect or even life…” and so on.

  4. tom p says:

    Shouldn’t the muslims instead withdraw the word allah because it looks a bit too much like a representation of a mr whippy?
    They could call him dave instead.

  5. Andy A says:

    The trouble with commercial concerns is that they’ll appease the mad bastards because they fear they’ll lose trade, so mammon thinks only of mammon, even though mammon defers to God, and it doesn’t occur to said mad bastards that it’s not out of deference to their bloody sky fairy at all and Bungupyourwallawalla is a twat.

  6. Dan Factor says:

    The MCB sit in a darkroom every night searching the internet to find things to get upset about.
    Then they bleat about how offended and outraged they are that their relegion has been slighted and garner reams of publicity in the media for their pressure group.

  7. Rob Ol OSuffican says:

    is it because all burger king staff are muslim?

  8. Shaun Hollingworth says:

    Seems as if the burghers at Burger King have quite simply lost their marbles… Could it be BSE or some effect of their beef I wonder ? The picture looks exactly like the ice cream at the top an ice cream cornet, to me. Will they also not use the term “Good food”, ’cause the letters in “God” are contained in that as well… ?

  9. Dan Factor says:

    Here’s a conspiracy theory. I think the protest against Burger King’s ice creams cones were started by anti-meat group People For The Ethical Treatement Of Animals.
    They got a load of Muslims to complain that the image of ice cream resembles the word “Allah” and therefore hoped it would give BK bad publicity and therefore drive customers away from their animal murdering food.

  10. Shaun Hollingworth says:

    Well Allah be blowed…. Is that so ?

    Why did they pick on the poor Ice Creams, and not the silly Burghers themselves ?

    Not being a vegetarian myself, I don’t think I should comment on the ethics of selling meat…

  11. G. Tingey says:

    How about reinstating the label – together with a picture of a PIG?


  12. Andrew Nixon says:

    I suppose I won’t be able to get my usual bacon double cheeseburger when I go to Burger King next time. Might offend some Muslims.

  13. GagWatch says:

    Spot the difference

    Take a long hard look at the tow images to the left. Can you tell the difference?

    If you spotted that the one on the left is an ice-cream cone and the one on the right isn’t, you’re doing a whole lot better than the MCB’s Inayat Bunglawala, and …

  14. StuC says:

    I’ve noticed that it you rotate Rashad Akhtar through 90 degree is still seems like a complete irrational nutter and I find that offensive and demand that he is banned! What is a muslim doing in Burger King anyway… last time I checked, BK did not sell products containing Halal meat!???

  15. mehek says:

    can u just leave mislims n their fate n belief’s alone…plzzz

  16. Stuart says:

    Hey ‘Mahek’, it is the “mislims” that should leave the rest of us alone

  17. :Punktlog // says:

    Was Toleranz nicht bedeutet….

    Ein besonderer Fall religiöser Verklärtheit macht gerade in England die Runde. Die Fast-Food Kette “Burger King” nimmt dort einen Eisbecher aus dem Sortiment, weil die Grafik auf dem Deckel aussieht wie das Wort “Allah” – auf arabisc…

  18. Andrew Nixon says:

    Was in my local Burger King at lunch today and they’re still selling the ice cream cones there, as well as all products with bacon in.

    Interestingly, I ran into an old work colleague, who happens to be a Muslim, on my way out of Burger King, showed him the ice cream lid, and he couldn’t see the resemblence!

  19. sam says:

    i think people ae forgetting that allah is teh same as god!

  20. tom p says:

    nope, i think people are mocking this idiot for his oversensitivity and seeing the word allah even where it clearly isn’t

  21. Ian Rivers says:

    Unbelievable isn’t it? These muslim bigots will never respect the rights of others not to subscribe
    to their medieval beliefs and religion, instead they find ‘injustices’ with the ‘land of war’ that
    they have been brought up in or have emigrated to. I wish these malcontents would go to a muslim
    country to live, where they can live happily under an iron fist represive regime, where their complaints
    will be dealt with, in the usual manner, by a nice man with an AK 47.

  22. angela says:

    i think alot of you on this website are being total idiots about this. To the avergae person, the symobol on the ice cream doesnt mean anythign to you anyway so does it really matter whether its withdrawn or not??? and the guy who complained – maybe he’s just over sensitive. i have plenty of muslim and hindu friends and all of thme different. Even the hindus get ofended at their gods pictures being used on underwear. Just cos we dnt care if christs face is used mockingly doesnt mean other people of different faiths cnt take offence at this sort of stuff.

    personally i think we have lost respect for our religion – u just need to see someone wearing a stupid tshirt of Jesu’ picture on it saying ‘jesus is coming, quick hide’. Its pathetic.

  23. angela says:

    so rather then mocking those who respect their religion and are passionate about their deities maybe we should try understanding them first??? If anythign we should look at people like this and see how much they love their beliefs and then just think back to how much us guys take the piss out of our own religion.

  24. Christopher Shell says:

    It’s probably the cult of postmodern irony which forbids anyone actually being serious about anything.

  25. Andrew Nixon says:

    personally i think we have lost respect for our religion

    Angela, you may notice that many people on this site (I could be wrong of course) have no religion.

    But in any case, why should I have to have respect for peoples beliefs? Especially when I may find those beliefs to be laughably ludicrous.

    However, I respect everyones right (even Christophers!) to believe whatever the hell they want. I don’t care if they beleive that the world was created by a giant flying spaghetti monster, that it is possible to die and come back to life, or that the universe has only existed for 100 years. I do not/would not respect those beliefs, but I do respect peoples right to have them.

    The problem isn’t the lack of respect for peoples beliefs, it is the lack of respect for peoples right to have a belief (or lack thereof). And in my experience, the people most likely to not respect someones right to have a particular belief are the religous.

    The reason we are getting in a fuss about this Burger King thing is because if Muslim complaints can make them withdraw a label that bears a vauge resemblence to the Arabic for Allah, then Muslim complaints could also make them take bacon off the menu, thus infringing on the rights of others. And it may not stop at Burger King. Maybe they’ll stop us all from being able to have a bacon sandwich for breakfast! And imagine the situation where Muslim complaints make it so that women aren’t allowed to have an education, or to work, or to wear what they want. Would you still be sitting there saying that we shouldn’t take the piss out of their beliefs?

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  27. tom p says:

    Well said Andrew.
    Plu, in this particular instance it’s very relevant because the burger king ice cream label doesn’t look very much like allah at all.
    The vertical on the right is joined on to the rest of the shape in the spiral, and the curve on the left is far too pinched, to the point where they’re actually touching, so not only is the request ludicrous from a not-obsessive-muslim-point of view, but it’s also ludicrous from an aesthetic point of view.

    If that can be said to be the word allah, then why can’t anything else. What if a skyline vaguely resembled it? Would one be required to tear down one of the buildings?
    Nobody should be required to have the remotest bit of respect for anyone who takes offence at burger king from anything other than a culinary, public health, town cleanliness, environmental, economic or interior design aesthetic point of view

  28. Adam C says:

    Tom P:
    Years ago my father worked for Saudi Arabian Airlines, in Jeddah. One day, some helpful citizen pointed out that within the wording of the company logo one could plainly see a cross or crucifix. Going back to the “tear down the skyline” point, the company saw the cross and took to respraying their entire fleet and indeed replacing every single logo in existence with a new non-crossed design.
    So much for a tolerant and equally respecting religion there – and that was Saudi Arabia!

    As for the other fanatical or easily offended Muslims, I have to agree with a lot of people on here; you are too sensitive about the western ‘logo’ culture and if you are actively looking for things that represent Allah or any other kind of religious person, place or thing etc. then you really need to get a life or get out of the west.
    You do not like us forcing anything onto you so why must you come to the West and attempt to force your religion on to us?

    If you are actively living in the West supporting your beliefs and religion then live and let live.
    Until your country is as tolerant as the west then you can no place to criticise.

    I hate being forced to allow Muslims to build mosques, practice their religion and bend to their regime. Go to the Middle East and if you mention the word Christianity you will likely end up dead.

    Perhaps we should be as ‘tolerant’ as that? Sadly the West is a democracy – in short – we let you do what you want even allow you persecute us in our own country as you already are and have taken it as your ‘Allah given’ right to do so.

    Incidentally, for a Muslim to kill himself is the worst possible sin in the eyes of Allah and the Holy War is not to mean “take up arms against the West” – if you believe that or glean that from the Koran then I suggest you go back and actually read it rather than using it to beat your women who incidentally are not equal, do not for the most part have passports and whose freedom you in fact restrict.

    When you are as democratic and as open minded perhaps then the West and the Middle East can coexist in peace.

  29. Aron, an Aussie says:

    Hehehehehehe… I find this whole situation to be hilarious. I don’t know what’s funnier: The original reaction by Rashad Akhtar, or the reaction of everybody else in relation to his reaction! It’s great.

    You’ve got to love religious fanatics!

    Aron out.

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  31. psychofuck says:

    I think that the Arabic for “Allah” should be changed – it offends ice creams all over the world!!

  32. Angadh says:

    Religion is such a bogus concept ground into our minds.
    And it’s laughable what ultimately decides what religion we follow is something as trivial as ‘luck’.

    Most people don’t realise the only important thing is ‘faith’, faith in a superior power that makes the sun shine every morning and blooms the flowers so pretty.
    That superior power may be anything, an almighty source of pure enery, your so-called ‘God’ or simply physics & chemistry.

    The point is everything exists in such a perfect balance that even a small change anywhere could mean a universe completely devoid of life.
    This universe and life exists in such a perfect balance – truly ‘God Itself’ (not Himself).

    While religion is complete bullcrap, hokey man-made stories.
    There is only faith.

  33. Khalid Farooq says:

    I am sick and tired of these scumbag muslims complaining about one thing or another. How wounderful this world would be without these crazy, sex abusing, circumcising moooslums.

    Ex-muslim turned atheist

  34. Khalid Farooq says:

    Allahu nut bar! Burger King Akbar!
    To learn more about why muslims do what they do please visit http://www.faithfreedom.org

  35. Steve says:

    I am offended by the sign for Allah, to me it looks like a prick and bollocks,
    and as I am homophobic I am extremely offended.

  36. mustaph crap says:

    I think the whole picture is a load of bollocks

  37. Rashad Akhtar says:

    I personally could’nt give a damn what anyone of the above people feel or think about how i acted and my motives, unlike most i don’t jsut sit on my as when someone does something to offend me of my beliefs, the word does resemble the arabic for god you ignorant fools, evrything i said in that article to the eastern eye was taken our of context as per usual when anything is reported to the media in this country.
    Anyway i take all the above crap with pinch of salt, sticks and stones my friends……… seems this website is for the ignorant, uneducated masses of which i once was, but i have the knowledge and the freedom to get to the front page of an asian tabloid so i did make an impact, what have you done today apart from wipe your ass and have a wank?????? yours truly Mr Akhtar

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  39. Jim in the US says:

    I’m in the US and just found out about the whole “Allah-Swirl” episode! And I am still laughing at Number 4 above.

    Quoted here:
    Shouldn’t the muslims instead withdraw the word allah because it looks a bit too much like a representation of a mr whippy?
    They could call him dave instead.

    Comment by tom p — 16/Sep/2005 @ 5:39 pm

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  41. Mark says:

    Mr Akhtar

    All you did yourself was ‘have a wank’, but you feel the need to do it in public and you want to show daddy what you did afterwards.

    I hope in my heart that one day you may become wise to your own folly.

  42. Micko says:

    Being an English man in England and the son of an English man who fought in the second world war for the freedom of English people I find it unforgiveable that this government allows people from other countries and of other religions to come here and have any right to dictate to us what or what we can do as unforgivable. As an atheist I find the whole idea of some fairy in the sky as bloody stupid. These people who live in the past and come from countries where they still live in mud huts should read a few science books where the real world will be explained to them. Unfortunately , muslims don’t live in the real world, and worse still they think that everybody else should believe the crap they do. They come here to our (what was) a free society and start trying to change it to their muslim ways. What would happen if we went to the country and started preaching atheism or christianity. We would be fucking lynched that’s what. So why don’t they fuck off back to their own country where they can enjoy their religion in mud huts.

  43. Micko says:

    I’ve just seen a frightening bit of news on AOL. Tony Blair thinks that god is guiding him in his decisions. I appeal to all those out there who have the sense to realise that there is no fairy in the sky, to get rid or this bloody moron at the next election (if he is still there). This is the quote from AOL ” Prime Minister Tony Blair believes God will be the ultimate judge of his decision to go to war with Iraq, he said.”

  44. reba says:

    i think all you people affending the religion islam is stupid you would probably do the
    same thing if someone affended your religion so i think you should keep your rude comment to your
    self and open it when something respectful comes out!

  45. juggy says:

    look yeah u shouldnt offend any religions
    u got no right.

  46. Imy Manz says:

    I am a practicing Muslim and I think this Akhtar Rashad is the biggest retard ever. Ya, while all these people are starving and dying in the world, he wants to make his lifetime goal a “Jihad” against icecream logos. The design hardly even resembles the word “Allah”. Deport this nut.

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