Not accepting acceptability

Mediawatch-UK has commented further on the revival of Romans in Britain in Sheffield. Speaking to The Telegraph, Massah John Beyer said he couldn’t see the point of the revival,

Any production of this play has to abide by the law of the land […] I do not accept that the male rape scene is acceptable just because the author of the play says it is symbolic of the rape of Britain.

A local vicar adds,

I am concerned about its effect on young people or school students.

The satisfyingly late Mary Whitehouse failed in her attempt to bring an obscenity prosecution against the play’s original director, Michael Bogdanov. Will Beyer have the balls to try again with Sam West?

Let’s hope so!

Romans in Britain opens at the Crucible on 2 February.

One Response to “Not accepting acceptability”

  1. Dan Factor says:

    Let’s see him try. Bring it on Beyer!