Christian Voice “almost ready” for blasphemy prosecution

One of the few interesting things about Stephen Green’s latest impotent rant against “The triumphalism of Avalon” (the producers of JS:TO) is the revelation that

we are almost ready to issue proceedings for blasphemy on Avalon and the BBC, so the timing of Avalon’s announcement is interesting, to say the least.

[rubs hands in delight]

5 Responses to “Christian Voice “almost ready” for blasphemy prosecution”

  1. Shaun Hollingworth says:

    If they do prosecute, they’ll probably lose the case, it will cost them a shedload of money, and they might then learn something… IE that other people also have a right to freedom of expression, and that their offence(probably feigned anyway) is NO JUSTIFICATION WHATSOEVER to CENSOR anyone.

    I think they should go ahead. Then this issue can be put to bed once and for all.

  2. tom p says:

    With a libel trial, those bringing the case and their backers can be made to fork out huge sums in expenses to the other side if they lose (cf Jonathan Aitken).
    Does anyone know if this is common to all private prosecutions?
    I don’t normally laugh at another’s misfortune, but I’m sure it will raise a hearty chuckle if Stephen Green bankrupts himself and has to sell his computer, thus ending cv once and for all.

  3. Shaun Hollingworth says:

    “I don’t normally laugh at another’s misfortune”

    In this case, I would certainly laugh if hge lost. I would in fact be utterly jubilant. He would have brought it upon himself due to his repressive immorality.

  4. G. Tingey says:

    The Leon Uris case was a good one…
    An ex-Nazi (I forget who) sued Uris.
    He won, on a technicality, but the judge pointed out what the then smallest unit of currency was – a halfpenny.
    So Uris paid 1/2d, and the ex-Nazi got lumbered with some humungous costs bill.

    I keep hoping some christian will be stupid enought to prosecute – I’ve been threatened with this in the street by brain-dead-christians:
    My response is always…
    “Ooh, you’re going to prosecute me for blasphemy?
    oooh, yes PLEASE!”
    Funny how they always go away at that pont.

    I wonder if the proposed religious hatred bill will go the same way?
    Don’t bet on it ….

  5. Gordon Mackley says:

    Just to put on record that most of us christians do not support ‘Christian Voice’.
    We do believe in free speech and critical analysis of religions (including and in
    fact usually most especially their own!). We are not for the most part ‘brain-dead’.
    The God I worship is the infinite creator of the universe who loves everyone
    unconditionally. I doubt he would be much phased by Jerry Springer etc. The
    Religious Hatred Bill is probably quite a serious threat to free speech, critical analysis and discussion. It would be of analysis and free religious debate. It is of no great benefit to christians
    (and is opposed by most evangelical ones). I suggest to you that there other
    religions in the UK would wish to undertake this repression of free speech. It
    really is not christians you should fear in this regard (‘brain-dead’ or not).