More on JS:TO resurrection

The Stage has the most comprehensive coverage of the reborn Springer tour. The major players in the rescue operation were the Birmingham Hippodrome, His Majesty’s in Aberdeen, and the Plymouth Theatre Royal, which have agreed to cover the £150,000 marketing costs lost when the Arts Council dropped the project.

Stuart Griffiths, director of the Hippodrome:

The fact that regional theatre has responded so positively illustrates its support for new musical theatre and freedom of expression. I know that the audiences of Birmingham will be keen to make up their own minds after [the show] has provoked such a debate.

The creative team has also offered to defer their royalties for the tour. Stewart Lee has the last word:

If people become too frightened to put on a show like this, what are we meant to do as artists? Are we are doomed to put on pantomimes and bad rock musicals forever?

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