BK “cone man” speaks out

Remember the furore last month when Burger King withdrew an ice cream
because of a single complaint that the swirl on the lid looked a
bit like the word “Allah” in Arabic? Well, the original complainer, 27-year-old Rashad Akhtar, has apparently turned up in the comments on that MWW post.

Here he justifies his action, shares his knowledge of Arabic
script, bemoans the state of the British media, and offers his
assessment of the quality of readership attracted by this website:

I personally could’nt give a damn what anyone of the above people feel
or think about how i acted and my motives, unlike most i don’t jsut sit
on my as when someone does something to offend me of my beliefs, the
word does resemble the arabic for god you ignorant fools, evrything i
said in that article to the eastern eye was taken our of context as per
usual when anything is reported to the media in this country.

Anyway i take all the above crap with pinch of salt, sticks and stones
my friends……… seems this website is for the ignorant, uneducated
masses of which i once was, but i have the knowledge and the freedom to
get to the front page of an asian tabloid so i did make an impact, what
have you done today apart from wipe your ass and have a wank??????

yours truly Mr Akhtar

It should be noted that these may not be the words of the Rashad Akhtar
who made the BK complaint. But, you have to admit, they do have the
whiff of authenticity about them.

7 Responses to “BK “cone man” speaks out”

  1. Andrew Nixon says:

    the ignorant, uneducated
    masses of which i once was, but i have the knowledge and the freedom

    Oh the irony.

  2. Tim says:

    Someone’s showing his knowledge of English grammar/spelling/punctuation, too.
    Proud to appear on a tabloid? Yup, that’s irony alright.

    Hmm. I count 20 kook-isms in there. Sure it’s not a spoof? 🙂

  3. Joe says:

    Gosh. Who’d have thought that a fundamentalist nutcase would turn out to be an ignorant twat as well?

  4. G. Tingey says:

    Can we have his email address, so we can ALL tell him what a sad little twat he is?

  5. marc says:

    O come on – it must be a wind-up!

    [Guffaws loudly]

    Either way, it’s funny as f*ck! 😉

  6. G. Tingey says:

    Tell him to eat a pork sausage and have a pint with it …..

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