Witches, Satanists welcome proposed hatred bill

According to the Sunday Times, the high priest of British white witches, Kevin Carlyon, expressed his hopes for the proposed religious hatred law.

Witches do not roam around naked and hang people up. I am pleased that we will be protected by these new laws from bias or persecution.

He also said the satanist groups were likely to exploit the legislation:

There are a couple of groups in England and I think they may well use the new act. Some of the satanists are nice as pie, although I don’t support what they do.

They just have these rules that they have to abide by carnal greed, carnal lust and carnal joy. It’s all the pleasures in life, really, but they are not well thought of.

Kevin The Witch has another website here, which includes a fab photo of him riding on a smoking broomstick!

4 Responses to “Witches, Satanists welcome proposed hatred bill”

  1. Feòrag says:

    Kevin Carlyon is not representative of anyone other than himself, and is a considered to be a joke among neopagans in the UK. He’s nothing but a self-publicist–so much so that I had to give him his own category in the Prattle. He’s a bit like Steve Green in many ways.

  2. Dan Factor says:

    Even this guy isn’t as scarey as Stephen Green!

  3. Andy Gilmour says:

    Oh my…thanks for the links to that guy’s site(s). Haven’t laughed so much in ages…