Channel 4 Xmas specials

Channel 4 looks set to cause a bit of religious offence with its Xmas day programming this year. First we have The Magic of Jesus, in which magicians Barry and Stuart of the Friday night show Dirty Tricks recreate biblical “miracles” such as turning water into wine and feeding 5,000.

This is followed by a documentary called Tsunami: Where was God?, which features former monk Mark Dowd travelling round Asia asking followers of the three main religions, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism, how they view the tragedy through the lens of their god-belief.

Finally, Channel 4’s alternative yuletide address will be delivered by Jamie “it don’t get much holier than that” Oliver.

All in all, quite a lot for the professional offendees to get themselves worked up into a self-righteous lather about. Should be fun.

(Source: BroadcastNow (sub only))

6 Responses to “Channel 4 Xmas specials”

  1. tom p says:

    Not Jamie Oliver, please.

  2. Tallen says:

    Surely you should refer to him as Sir Jamie of Oliver?

  3. Andy A says:

    We shouldn’t gloat that the religious might be offended by such thoughtless programming decisions. It’s so immature. Tee-hee!

  4. tom p says:

    I wouldn’t say that it’s thoughtless – clearly a lot of thought has been put into this line-up

  5. Blu_Matt says:

    I’d rather watch the old chubby institutionalist’s speech than that of the fat-tongued twat. (HRH Lizzy and Jamie ‘Mockney C*nt’ Oliver respectively)