Bounty on heads of Danish cartoonists reports on a disturbing development in the Mohammed cartoon story. A Pakistani religious party, Jamaat-e-Islami, has offered DKK 50,000 (EUR 7000) to anyone who kills the cartoonist responsible (they think all 12 cartoons were done by the same artist). The party has also called for Danish representatives to be expelled from Pakistan.

The Danish ambassador to Pakistan, Bent Wigotski, has no plans to leave. However, he says:

But the situation is of course serious. They might want to get to the Danish illustrators, but if they can’t reach them, they could make do with a scapegoat.

Danish tourists in Pakistan have been advised to be “extra vigilant”.

The Pakistani ambassador to Denmark, Javed Quresh – one of the eleven Muslim ambassadors who had orginally complained about the cartoons to the Danish government – has distanced himself from the threats.

No Pakistani government would ever support such a thing, I’m sure that the current government will take action in the case. I can’t imagine that a bounty like that doesn’t violate Pakistani legislation.

(Via jihadwatch)

UPDATE: The Gulf Times reports that the Jamaat-e-Islami party has distanced itself from the bounty offer, which was made by a leader of its youth division at a rally in Islamabad. The same newspaper seems to think that the 12 drawings were the work of only two cartoonists.

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  1. […] In a disturbing development of the Danish Muhammad cartoons story, (via MediaWatchWatch) is reporting that Pakistani religious party has offered a bounty of DKK 50,000 (EUR 7000) for the head of the cartoonist responsible for the drawings. The group – Jamaate-Islami – mistakenly believes that the 12 cartoons were created by just one person. Danish authorities immediately informed the Pakistani government about the death threats and bounty promised by the party, which is described as nationalistic and fundamentalist. […]

  2. iraqikurd says:

    I brought up in a whate thay call it muslim country, there is one thing you need to be sure about itis that
    that Islam is sources of all evils in middle east muhammed was paedophil when he marred child as young as ten, for me all this one side islam is relegion of hatred, Idont know where these western muslim read Quran, thay need to read it in order to know that jehad is patr of muslims duty to kill infedal, so dont tell me islam is relegion of peace, more more

  3. || Every single Prophet from the beginnning of time has been
    || mocked and made fun of by an unbelieving world. Why should
    || this one be any different? In the Quran there is a verse that
    || talks about this. At a time when the Prophet was depressed at
    || all the mocking and rejection from the people. God tells him
    || not to grieve over this. As it is not him that they mock but
    || God himself. As the Prophet was only his messinger.

    || I am only one simple Muslim living in the same non believeing
    || world the Prophet lived in. He and those Muslims had their
    || trials to face in their own time and we now have trials to
    || face in ours. They handled theirs acording to their time and
    || we also handle ours acording to ours. And so I would say to
    || this non believing world who mocks and makes fun of the
    || Prophet Muhammad and our religion and God……

    || I am only his employee. I only work here. If you wish to make
    || fun of my boss I can hardly stop you. But at least I do not
    || have to listen to you do it.

    || The Danish people can take these cartoons and stick them where
    || the sun does not shine.

    You’re letting down yourself and all Muslims.

    “Muslims” in the UK threatened the life of an author, Salman Rushdie.

    “Muslims” in Holland murdered a film-maker for a film on violence towards women.

    Such behaviour is utterly intolerable – “Muslim opinion” (and you as a leader of it) have *got* to say “These cartoons are of no significance, nobody and no country must be threatened over them, Muslims are bigger than this”.

    Otherwise, the rest of us are entitled to say “Leave, your kind is a dangerous menace”.

    Some hate-filled bigot (or just a Joe Bloggs like me) is going to take that poster of Mohammed with the knife and the black stripe over his eyes and paste it all over town – then what are you going to do?

    Play the victim like the Zionists? Run round with a scraper to take the posters down, and end up with someone stabbed?

    What are you going to do? The hate-filled bigots want there to be riots – are you going to allow your fellow Muslims to deliver them?

    Or are Muslims in the UK the same as Zionists were in Palestine, determined to wipe out (or at least, badly oppress) all the natives?

    You’ve got some really difficult questions to ask yourself, young lady, and it’s then *you* that has to go out and tell other Muslims what idiots they’re being!


  4. The Devil says:

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  5. louise says:

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    Muslims are SAD

  6. Joe White says:

    To: osama suckcock

    I can totally understand your comments, although you have put it in a rather distasteful and crude way.

    I think that in general, a large part of the British community are becoming sick to death of hearing about Muslims.

    We are being asked to change our lives to accomodate muslims in the UK but are not being given anything back in return. By this I mean i see nothing that shows me that muslims want to intergrate into british society. I personally get the vibe that they dispise us.

    There are a select few on television and such that say that they do want to integrate, but this is NOT reflected by the muslim majority!

    The National Westminster bank recently wanted to stop using piggy banks and the image of a pig in their banks/bank advertising because they were afraid of upsetting the muslim minority! This is absolutely ridiculous!

    I hear in the news that people were being told to remove Englang flags from their cars for the same reason!!!


    It should not be plenalised against to be patriotic, and anyone who feels different should not be here.

    Why the hell are we bending over backwards for these poeple who are causing us so much trouble????

    Also, There are thousands upon thousands of these people who come here to the UK claiming asylum, mostly from Pakistan, who have no intention of working in this country, but suckling from the benefits system teet.

    An example of such, was a woman who came to the UK claiming asylum saying she was too TALL to live in India!!!! She openly admitted that she intended to claim free health care from us, and she is already claiming benefits of about £45 a week.

    Why the hell are we letting people like this in to this country??

    This is only a small island!! we can not let everyone in!!

    I think we should close our borders now, stopping anybody else coming into the country, including all these polish etc and assemble a large organisation of “immigration officers” and comb the country and find all the illegal immigrants here and deport them all. That would be a good start!!

    Also i am fed up with, and i am not on my own here, the way that the muslim community are so sensitive to criticism and comments about them.

    Let me leave on this note…

    If things carry on the way that they are, more and more british people are becoming more and more antagonised by the muslim community. This is going to break out into violence on our own soil!

  7. K.Martin says:

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