Sacranie defends his homophobic statements

Stung by accusations of homophobia which followed his Radio 4 PM interview (full transcript here), Iqbal Sacranie has tried, with characteristic ineptitude, to backpedal.

From the MCB site:

On the question of whether my comments were homophobic, it is utterly nonsensical to suggest that. We reject any form of discrimination, whether on the basis of race, religion, gender or age.

Race, religion, gender or age. Notice anything missing from this list? That’s like saying “it is utterly nonsensical to suggest we are Islamophobic. We have the greatest respect for Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Sikhism.”

But people cannot be bullied to remain silent on views which they believe are important for society to understand

concludes the man who said death was “too good” for Salman Rushdie.

7 Responses to “Sacranie defends his homophobic statements”

  1. marc says:

    He’s an asshole. No question. They should strip him of his knighthood and stop him appearing on telly/radio now. They won’t of course, but it’s a nice thought.

  2. Andrew Nixon says:

    Time for another Google bomb for the MCB?

  3. Andy A says:

    What’s a Google bomb? Sounds interesting.

  4. Andrew Nixon says:

    Google bomb is basically when lots of sites link to a particualr link with a particular phrase to attempt to make it the top result in a google search.

    eg: a google search for “ignorant bigots” leads to the website for Christian Voice, and a google search for “liar” leads to the official biography page of Tony Blair.

  5. Shaun Hollingworth says:

    Actually “bigots” on its own is enough to lead you to “Christian voice” via Google.

    Tee hee!

  6. Andrew Nixon says:

    GALHA have a little more on this at

    Includes some welcome comments from MPs from all 3 main parties.

    Also they provide a link to a rather dsiturbing release where the MCB claim that homosexuality causes AIDS.

  7. Andrew Nixon says:

    Sacranie is being investigated by the police.