Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Dutch MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali has won the Readers Digest European of the Year award. This is a Good Thing.

Bob Low, European Bureau Chief of Reader’s Digest:

It has taken a young woman born outside Europe to show Europeans the sort of courage and determination that is needed to confront extremism and to uphold the values of tolerance and justice that we hold dear. We are proud to honour her.

(From Pub Philosopher)

One Response to “Ayaan Hirsi Ali”

  1. Reflect says:

    Just to set it start, I’m male. I think as a muslim I know Islam will withstand any questions that are posed by critics such as Ali. As far as I understand she is no religious scholar or historian and her views have been disproven many a time.

    Its fine that she has her option but making films which cause offense and incite people towards violence is wrong. For example Islam puts an emphasis on humility and not showing the naked body, by putting the verses of the Holy Quran on a naked body she is provoking a response. This is not free speech but provacation, at a time when society should be reflecting on Islam from both points of view she is inciting a strong response. Diplomacy is important, ironic since she is an MP.

    My wish to all would be to read the Qu’ran and a chapter called Al-Nissa (Women) and God willing you will read it with an open mind and make up your own mind. The Quran is a book for comtemplation and reflection, so take each verse in its context and not as a singular statement.