Jyllands-Posten to be sued for “blasphemy”

According to the EU Observer, a Danish Islamist group has decided to take the newspaper Jyllands-Posten to the European Court of Human Rights over its publication of the Mohammed cartoons.

Islamsk Trossamfund made the announcement after a Danish local attorney general had rejected their case.

The newspaper’s editor, Carsten Juste, remains firm:

We will not apologise, because we live in Denmark under Danish law, and we have freedom of speech in this country. If we apologised, we would betray the generations who have fought for this right, and the moderate Muslims who are democratically minded.

You can see the cartoons in question here.

(Tipped from Gagwatch)

15 Responses to “Jyllands-Posten to be sued for “blasphemy””

  1. Hassan Al-Saffar says:

    You must know one thing, that
    your freedom of speech dose not
    give you any right to heart other
    people. There for respect others is
    the first signe of freedom, and to be frank
    with you if any one done the same to any
    person in Denmark or other parts of the
    world I think the United Nation it self will
    stand and ask for apology. So all of what
    happend reflect one basic fact which is
    your freedom in only comes to the thing that you
    like and that is not right. You should respect
    other people belives and feeling and doning so
    will not touch nor effect the freedom which
    generations of Denmark fought to have it….

  2. Svend Rost says:

    ” if any one done the same to any
    person in Denmark or other parts of the
    world I think the United Nation it self will
    stand and ask for apology”

    Are you saying, that if someone made a caricature drawings of
    for example Jesus or Budda, the UN would demand an appology?

    That’s just wrong – people have been making fun of Jesus, Presidents
    ect. for many years. Saudi newpapers, for example, have had several
    drawings of Israel, USA ect.

    Besides, have you seen the drawings? they are harmless – one of them is
    of a man standing next to a donkey. As far as I know, it’s not forbidden
    to portray Muhammed, after all there are several portrats of him in Iran
    for example.

    I find it funny, that countries with dictators try to lecture
    the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten in “freedom of speach”.

  3. heba omar says:

    you knlow i have nothing more to say excpet that
    they don’t they are inorant of islam and god and our
    prophet they will never know now what they did
    later after they die they will know after all only good and noticed people are always
    what about the of the best mo7amed sallah allah 3leh w salam
    god will revenge from you
    and we’ll never forgive you

  4. dodecahedron says:

    what is it that with all religions, Islam included, the principles of fear and
    revenge are so important. if your only argument is “fear god for he will take
    revenge”, then I am afraid you do not belong here, where we discuss freedom of
    speech and centuries of social progress.
    Those drawings are funny, and harmless, this is 21st century Europe and if you
    wish to go backwards in time, then that’s your own problem.

  5. Ray Bright says:

    A tree is known by it’s fruits, and the fruits of Islam are foul!
    More than 90% of all conflicts in the world involve Muslims.
    In Europe, where Muslims are, a minority of some 3 – 6 percent, they are responsible for majority of all violent crime. For example in Sweden with iti’s 4% Muslim population 85% of all rape is committed by the Muslims. Similar numbers apply to Denmark and other countries.
    Muslims have practically eradicated Hindu population in Pakistan. The favorite method for such eradication is intimidation by rape! A similar thing is happening now in Bangladesh, where the number of the Hindu’s went down to half since independence.
    Murder and rape, is the method of Islamic colonization of the world. And it is not only allowed by Quran, it is recommended. This is exactly what a good Muslim is supposed to do.
    With it’s cartoon’s Jyllands Posten, has exposed Islam, just like in the Andersen’s story” a child cried: “The king has no clothes” and everybody could see that the king was naked.
    We can all see that Mohammad is a terrorist, rapist, liar, murderer, and child abuser. (his youngest (and favorite) wife was only 6 years old when he married her, and 9 when he started having sex with her.
    Now please don’t assume that this is slander. What I write here is plain truth easily verifiable by reading Quran and Sunnah.
    We are accustomed to think that Islam is some “great world religion” that there is something spiritual in it, because to speak up against Islam one risks one’s life. Islamist don’t have logical arguments, they can not win a discussion, so they have to kill their opponents. That’s why people who have written books exposing Islam have to hide, their life is in danger, much more so than if they criticized Nazis, or Mafia.
    Let’s face it: Islam is not a peaceful religion, it is a totalitarian movement every much more dangerous than Nazism, Mohammad is a perverted, power-hungry psychopath more deadly than Hitler.
    Please don’t be offended, instead please find out for yourself, read
    “Why I am not a Muslim” by Ibn Warraq, or read http://www.faithfreedom.org, or http://www.thereligionofpeace.com, that documents 4003 terrorist attacks carried out by Islamic terrorists SINCE Sept-11-2001.
    Or read http://islamreview.org/AnwarShaikh/arabimperialism
    I know that this post is against your upbringing, against your ideas, but that does not necessarily mean it is wrong. Please the above sources, and then respond.

  6. Nicolai Afseus says:

    Spot on son!

  7. Realist says:

    Mad men cannot be allowed to run the asylum!
    Quoting from the above link:
    “While religious tolerance is surely better than religious war, tolerance is not without its liabilities. Our fear of provoking religious hatred has rendered us incapable of criticizing ideas that are now patently absurd and increasingly maladaptive. It has also obliged us to lie to ourselves — repeatedly and at the highest levels — about the compatibility between religious faith and scientific rationality.”

    Let’s roll…

  8. Zahi says:

    I want to say something here, I am a Palestinian Muslim guy. I don’t see anything wrong by drawing
    Mohammed or anybody, this is stupid. second of all, what the Danish people done to be economically
    punished?! you don’t like it so boycott the newspaper not a nation! anyway, this is really
    stupid to talk about.

    What I see that Muslim world is really strong, I am trying to find these pictures all over the
    internet but I failed, nobody wants to publish them they are all scared!

    Another thing, what this newspaper got from these pictures?!? more readers?? they lost all the
    Muslim readers instead.

    just a comment about Svend’s post up there, making fun of Israel or usa.. that may happen in any Muslim world
    but this is POLITICS, here we are talking about another thing, something between a freedom of speech
    and the respect for a religion.

    lots of people in the west don’t know that Jesus and Moses are profits in the Quraan,
    for Muslims – making fun of them is exactly like making fun of Mohamed.

    and lots of people say “Arabs” when they refer to “Muslims”, not all of the Arabs are Muslims
    and not all the Muslims are Arabs.. Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Nazareth and many other cities in Palestine
    are full of arab-palestinian-christians.

    I hope all this will be fixed soon, Danish people are very nice.

    of them is exactly
    in the end I want to say, it is not that big, what you see in the TV about people burning danis
    flags.. I am sure most of them are kids, they have no idea about what is going on, just for fun!

  9. Reshma Bhutani says:

    I applaud the Danish Newspapers and the Cartoonists who drew the pictures… They
    were very amusing pictures and I see nothing wrong in them. I am a Hindu who was
    born in a Muslim country but I study in the U.K. The Muslims country I was born in
    is a civilised country, thank god, but there is no freedom of speech there…The
    bloody Muslims condemn the Hindus, Christians and Buddhists faiths there but nobody
    is allowed to mention their ‘precious Islam’ – and if mentioned then those people
    should fear for their life…..the majority of the non Muslims in the country of
    my birth place are very cautious about what they say, that’s why there most people don’t have any problems.

    However I agree with the person who say that Muslims are rapists and murderers.
    I am a rape victim and i was raped twice on two separate situations, by the same gang of people, only because in the first case they could not talk an Asian girl being friends with an English white boy, and secondly a year later, after the first rape i went through, friends of the previous guy came after me because it was known that I was a Muslim detesting Hindu. I have stalkers on the net and also in real life, all these idiots are Muslims. Everybody else in this world are sane, accept for those unfortunate people who were born mentally handicapped, however Muslims were born sane, but their religion has made them corrupt and insane. They are bloody arse-holes with maggot sized dicks and I wish for them all to burn in hell. Bloody muslims tried to ruin a life of a 15 year old and continued to follow me throughout my life…they want residence here so they think by marrying a local then they can. But they can’t go choosing and forcing people to like them. I can choose who I want as friends and who I don’t want. I don’t judge by colour or religion usually. But the acts of the muslims have made me turn against them. Police should keep checking in fast food joints such as Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Burger Kings and KFC’s in the UK, most of the Asians there are illegal, they have fake identities and fictatious names….why are they still allowed to work? Why aren’t they deported? They are also all muslims, a few have hindu and christian names but did you know they are really muslims who changed their names because they entered the country using other peoples passports and identities. Many boast about how they entered the country, holding the underside of large vehicles and crammed in crowded transportation. The British government needs to throw out the illegal people instead of taking in all these Asylum seekers, why give them money, why? What about your own English/ Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish old pensioners? What about them? They are your own people, and look at them, many of them get hardly any pension and are very poor and can’t afford much. And here you help the bastards who bomb your country!!! UK you need to think twice before you help another muslim. They are all the same, all for one and one for all. The Palestinian muslim who wrote in…he started off calmly, then he started praising islam slowly in the middle, and then he calmed down again…why? He’s just trying to show muslims are good people, so why defend mohammed….if you think that this is not a big issue, then why talk about it, just ignore it. I applaud the Danish, they did nothing wrong and just spoke and drew their views….The picture showing the virgins running out in heaven, that was a fab one….I’m not a virgin anymore because of my first rapist muslim, so I hate and condemn the whole muslim faith for life.
    I believe in Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Bhuddism and I acknowlegde the other newer religions too, however I scorn the muslim faith….and I promote the eating of pork, or if you don’t like it, then please eat non halal food. Oh by the way muslims….don’t think I’m getting on with my life and forgiving you guys … I have been feeding numerous muslims with haram (non halal) meat…and all of you love it….even during cultural events in a number of the inter university events…the meat you think is lamb and beef….well hehehe, lets just say it’s not 😉

  10. Yusuf Mohd says:

    I agree with the cartoons, Mohd was a load of shit!!! and so r my fellow muslims… i’m gay and they fucking can’t accept it…

  11. Augustus Karl Pomphrey says:

    I can’t believe so many muslims are getting so upset over a bunch of silly cartoons, they a a bit amusing but are pretty much lame…i could draw a whole load worse…Mohammed fucking a pig…that’s the reason why he says not to eat pigs….cos he loves fucking the sows… so he came up with the lies saying they are filth and that’s the only reason for not eating them….he didn’t want people knowing his true lust and passion that he feels for the boars…

    I am a white Christian bloke and i don’t go getting upset when the muslims and other people make mockeries over my catholic faith. I have a muslim girlfriend, even she doesn’t see what all the commotion is about. She poor thing was forced into a marriage 4 months back. However we still see each other unknown to her husbands knowledge. Many muslim girls here known to us, still have boyfriends behind their ‘forced’ husbands back. I think it serves them right, for forcing women to love them, they want virgins and they get girls who love and sleep with other people. My girlfriend has to wear a burkha nowadays because her Pakistani husband insists on it…but the only advantage it has for us is that she can easily sneek away and nobody realises where she goes….after all girls in burkha’s look the same…

    I’ve had numerous muslim girlfriends in the past and I think it’s wrong for them to be portrayed as inferior objects owned and governed my men. They give excellent blow jobs, that’s for sure. However I doubt that their muslim fanatically husbands will benefit from their great service, since who would want to be that nice to some1 who doesn’t respect you.

    If you are a good muslim and if you have nothing to fear then there is no reason to go around praising Mohammed and wanting to kill all those Danes who drew and said bad remarks about your preacher. Lots of people say lots of bad things about many different races and religions, if every1 takes it to heart then there will be no peace in this world. Muslims have burned down every Hindu temple in India and built their mosques in their place, if every Hindu living abroad took this to heart and killed every muslim in the world then this world would long be gone. Yes those Hindus there retaliated, do you blame them? But others elsewhere didn’t stop speaking to their muslim friends. There are many Catholics and protestants who are best mates and do not let fights in Northern Ireland upset their relationships.

    Stop being immature is all I can say to the fanatical muslims and grow up and be able to take jokes and humour. You are a backward race, move onto the 21st century buddies.

  12. Tariq Khan says:

    Hi I definitely agree with all the views posted specially the one posted by Reshma that Muslims are Bloody Assholes and rapists.The cartoons in the Danish newspaper really depict their true colors.I have no shame in saying this being a Muslim.We read the Holy Quran and fast during festivals but in the end I feel being a Muslim really makes me hate myself.I have a Chinese Christian girlfriend and we have been together for years and planning to get married in a few years but I would never go for a girl of my religion because they just produce babies in a whole bunch.There is no family planning at all.Most of the world known terrorists in the world are Muslims and they have created havoc everywhere with their misdeeds.In the name of Islam and Allah we have ruined our religion by doing so many wrong things that I feel in my next birth I never be born as a Muslim .I would prefer to be born in any other religious community and I advise all the people reading this to pray that the whole religion and its followers be eradicated from this lovely planet earth.Either you change or face the consequences.

  13. Ray Bright says:

    Dear Reshma,

    I feel very sad hearing your story.
    Have you done anything to bring the rapists to justice. You should be able to put them all behind the bars.
    Also you need to get support for your self, for your healing, so that you don’t carry this would it your heart for the rest your life. When this would is healed completely, you will become stronger than even before.

    Please write to me at [email protected]
    R. Bright

  14. NickD says:

    Im a white Aussie ‘big fella’ and have always made a point being mates will all good people, regardless of background,
    but it’s so hard to stay true with these guys. Like, cartoons!!!! Its just scribble and yet they have burnt down embassys
    and a dozen people died in protests.

    The bigest problem with their faith is they can not accept us infedells, although they are quite happy to accept and prosper in our
    ecconemy and chase our girls. Yes its happened here too, girls have been raped because they are Aussie. Our pappers will not
    publish the cartoons as they do not want to offend the Muslims and yet if we went to a Muslim country my Mrs would have to cover
    herself as to not offend them. Well covering womem and blokes wearing silly white dresses offends me but I can get over it.
    Thats the difference, they cant!

    Nothing we say or do will change them. Well, saddly Im now a racist! Although Im cool with everyone else, these guys will never
    accept us no matter what, they will always see us as infedells. Go Denmark for calling it the way it is.

  15. Interesting Comments

    Broken comments from a young Asian girl who claims to have been raped by a group of muslim men over her friendship with an English white boy….