Magazinet withdraws Mohammed cartoons

According to the Brussels Journal, the Norwegian newspaper which published the Mohammed cartoons in support of Jylands-Posten has withdrawn them from its website in the face of death threats.

Vebjørn Selbekk, the editor of Magazinet, received threatening anonymous emails, including one containing a picture of a burnt body.

The e-mail with the pictures of the burnt body is the most frightening. But I am not afraid. This is of course unpleasant, especially for a family man. But I cannot go around being afraid

said Selbekk.

Another Norwegian newspaper, Dagbladet, has also published the cartoons as a gesture of support.

Meanwhile, Danish Muslim leaders who have been touring the world explaining how offensive the cartoons are have actually added three cartoons to the original twelve: one depicting Mohammed as a paedophile demon, one of him with the snout of a pig, and another of a praying Muslim being sodomised by a dog.

The origin of the extra three cartoons is unknown, but they are sure to stir up a bit of hatred. Which, of course, is the whole point.

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  1. solvo says:

    I’ve been following the reaction to the cartoons’ publication with interest. Jassim al Ansari — 30/Jan/2006 @ 6:35 am – said the following:

    “The magazine offended Islam for no reason but to cash in the hate trend that is spreading all over Europe. Is money that important to you people so as to offend the very basis of the Muslim religion?”

    This is wrong. This is why the magazine printed the cartoons: (quote taken from,880218&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL)

    ‘The newspaper asked illustrators to make the cartoons after reports that artists were reluctant to illustrate a book on Mohammed for fear of Muslim retribution. The daily’s editors said the cartoons were a test of whether the threat of Islamic terrorism had limited the freedom of expression in Denmark…Muslim organisations in Denmark, such as the Islamic Religious Community, have demanded an apology, but Editor-in-Chief Carsten Juste rejected the idea. He said the cartoons had been a journalistic project to find out how many cartoonists refrained from drawing the prophet out of fear. ‘We live in a democracy,’ he said. ‘That’s why we can use all the journalistic methods we want to. Satire is accepted in this country, and you can make caricatures. Religion shouldn’t set any barriers on that sort of expression. This doesn’t mean that we wish to insult any Muslims.”

    I am surprised that so many Muslims across so many different Muslim countries have reacted violently against the cartoons. There must be some Muslims who can understand that the cartoons were not intended to offend or insult by breaching a cultural taboo, or by depicting Muhammed (p.b.u.h.) in certain attire. The cartoons are also not literal; they are metaphorical.

    Another poster on here made the point that it’s ok for the West to satirise its own religion, but not that of another people. A religion is an idea – it is not beyond criticism . If we stop questioning ideas, how can we learn? How can we progress intellectually and spiritually? A satire should not provoke violence or legal change.

    I would like to make a couple of my own points. Why don’t the leaders of the Muslim world have this attitude: “Our religion is a noble idea, over a thousand years old, and with a billion adherents, what do we care if some silly magazine in Europe publishes bad cartoons. Allah is bigger than that.” Why is there such a sensitive, violent reaction to the cartoons when most people who read them will NOT be incited to hate or laugh at Muslims? The cartoon satires are not a child’s cruel joke about getting everybody to laugh at Muslims. The satirical cartoons are an adult, intellectual questioning that incite philosophical debate.

    Jassim al Ansari also said above: “Or are you people still have the remains of the Nazi thoughts in your missed up minds and think that you are a special race of humans, who have the right to do anything.” This is insulting. But I’m not going to kidnap Muslims because he said it. I am an educated, white, western person who does not agree with Bush or Blair’s imperialist-like war in Iraq, nor in their relationship with Saudi Arabia or the weapons industry. I do not think that any country should be able to do whatever they like to another. I do not think there is ANY special human race or creed, I think we are all the same and equal in our deserves for respect and kindness.

    Again, Jassim al Ansari said: “You generalized the individual acts of those terrorists over the whole Islamic community??? ? I ask you, have you been to any Arab or Muslim country? If not ask anyone who did and he’ll tell you that were not a bunch of cut throats waiting for a reason to kill.” I lived most of life in Saudi Arabia (Khobar, Yanbu, Jubail) and in Libya. My father can speak fluent Arabic. Once our family were in the car in Saudi Arabia, my father was driving. We heard a speech from a tannoy on a minaret, from a mosque. My father told me that the Saudi Imam was insulting westerners and Christians. This is not repsecting other people’s beliefs. This is not believing that we are all equal. I know that Saudi Muslims are not like most Muslims. But this is my experience and it makes me cynical about the Muslim faith. I still respect Muslims, and I certainly don’t want to kill any or stop them from saying insulting things about people who look like me. I just want to point out hypocrisy.

    What we all need to is ignore petty things; to stop feeling insecure; to start being intellectual in our consideration of other ideas; to be tolerant and compassionate.

  2. Jason says:

    Hypocrites! That’s what Muslims are.Religion is supposed to be all about faith,respect and love and tolerance towards eachother…instead at every opportunity they find an excuse to incite hatred and violence against the Western civilisation.If Europe and the west is so bad,then go back to your own country and live in the desert with your sheep and your allah as company.

  3. Nietzsche says:

    Shame on Jack Straw! He has betrayed free speech! He will live to regret his stance… pandering to the sentiments of a bizarre cult – Islam. The image of a muslim world sulking over the supposed offence caused to a patriarch who has been dead for almost 1500 years is nothing short of ridiculous – if only it wasn’t so dangerous. This dead prophet makes muslim hearts bleed but the sadistic murders in front of video-cameras have caused no comparable outrage. How much more hipocritical can you get.

    For all the professed muslim strength of belief, the reality is that of an inferiority complex. People who are REALLY firm in their belief don’t get militant when their supreme being is made fun of. They simply know better and go on believing.

    The weakness of belief seems to be matched by muslim mens inability to contain their lust. Why, otherwise, are muslim women increasingly compelled to spend their lives in black bags? Fanatical beliefs are universally a sign of inner weakness and a feeling of inferiority. Hitler and Nazi Germany were a point in case. Even though it is reassuring that they could not prevail and their dilusions got the better of them in the end, it caused world-wide suffering on a scale unknown so far. A similar danger threatens the free world now. Caught between the “scylla” of islamic fundamentalism and the “charybdis” of fundamentalist christianity, freedom is becoming a very thin air to breathe. It’s the Hitler-Stalin-pact of the big religions.

    I would sincerely like to believe in the peacefulness of islam today, but I fail to see conspicuous signs of it. Even if the cartoons had been insulting (which they weren’t – they were standard satirical fare which has been levelled at all and sundries religion, including christianity, in the past) an insult does not justify death-threats and their realisation or any other form of violence. The islamic world (and all these terms are of course generalising) has so far not been able to master the step from violent disagreement to its abstraction in a world of democratic politics, which is part of the explanation for the endemic tribal, religious and national wars in that hemisphere.

    Islam has frequently crushed libertarian currents in its own culture. The islamic “enlightenment” did not succeed despite such brilliant free thinkers as Ibn Sina and Al Biruni.

    I want to finish my lines with a quoting lines about the importance of doubt by Tahar Ben Jelloun. The (fanatic) islamists hate doubt because, religion being their by far most important source of affirmation and self worth, giving themselves (and others) “the benefit of the doubt” would leave nothing of them…
    TANGIERS–When critical thinking is abandoned, leaving the field open to all sorts of extravagance, when doubt absents itself, man relinquishes his status as an individual and melts into the crowd to become but a negligible element, stifled and unrecognized. Dialogue becomes impossible.
    Ideological extremism of a religious or political nature, or both together, includes the refusal of any kind of dialogue.

  4. […] Meanwhile, MediaWarchWatch UK says Danish Muslim leaders who have been touring the world explaining how offensive the cartoons are have actually added three cartoons to the original twelve: one depicting Mohammed as a paedophile demon, one of him with the snout of a pig, and another of a praying Muslim being sodomised by a dog. […]

  5. rl says:

    Guys, I know one thing for sure: 90% of those defending the Islam are writing from Christian Europe or the US. They are immigrants, who came to the West, escaped from their miserable countries to live better lives, and now they are telling us what to publish or not. Isnt that fucking insolent? They didnt say a word about the attacks on 9/11 or the killing of so many innocent hostages in Iraq, but keep crying about some funny cartoons which didnt kill anybody. Hey muslim guys, either respect those who give you jobs and money, or go back to your mid-eastern misery and live us alone, ok? You can cry there, burn as many western flags as you can, and eat some sands for breakfast!

  6. unity says:

    We are all children of the one (…) , we all brothers and sisters , if someone does something that hurts others , why do the same or wurse to him , in essence all religions are peacefull, and condemn murders , they condemn murders even off guilty evil people.
    If you where an alien , you would see it all much clearer , you would say, why are those humans fichting, don’t they see there all alike , all part off the human soul , they can all build together a boat off happiness,
    muslims , christens , boedik, selfik, all one soul ,one god , don’t let this be a cartoon that kills

  7. Bob says:

    This is my first and probably only post to an Internet Site (yes I do know how to capitalise, but refuse in the following post)

    Yet again the supposedly “peaceful, benign caring and sharing” religion islam, demonstrates its peaceful and rational means to arguing it’s point of view.

    How do they do this you ask??? In response to the cartoons in Australia, I watched a few incredible scenes on the news tonight of a violent demonstration by muslims (there were children as young as 10-12 and they obviously knew what was going on right?) carrying signs like “Behead the defilers of mohammed” or “Insult mohemmed and get beheaded”. My favourite part was seeing the small children making throat cutting gestures to the TV cameras while shouting death to infidels. Won’t their parents be soooooo proud.

    The funniest thing about this was that they were in Australia!, not Iraq or another muslim country. If they don’t like what’s been printed, ok fair enough, we all see things we don’t like or take exception to. Say something about it ie protest if you have to, take them to court like civilised people, but threaten a few people (well actually everyone) with death if they say something bad or print a cartoon about your precious mohammed?

    Bloody hell, talk about an over reaction. And then dthey say that if you don’t agree with the muslim side of the argument, you must have blasphemed against mohammed so you must die.

    I’m not racist but FUCK, how can you take them seriously. islam is a religion of fear & hatred which we see continually perpetrated by these nutters time and time again.

    Oh and one more thing, if you don’t like the country you are in printing these cartoons (ie the mass demonstrations promoting violence/killings in Australia) go back to your own FUCKING country and have your tantrums there.

    A non racist, but someone very worried about how many of these FUCKIN nutters are migrating to our nice corner of the globe.

  8. B.E says:

    People when everyone will keep their beliefs to them selfs including their sarcasm we will be able to live in a peacufull way. Get over your selfs and do something good in this world!!!!!. This does not mean I agree to anything that is going on on both sides. Just want to express that this is all getting out of hand….

  9. CK says:

    I just cannot keep silence any more. The reaction of the moslem world to the cartoons is outrageous but had to be expected. And why are you people saying that we should have thought about consequences when we had published those cartoons? Tell me, what is so special about all these moslem scums? Oh! They are so fuck’n sensitive! Don’t even try to argue with them, it’s a waste of time and dangerous. The rule of the game is simple: you are either with them or against them, and if so you must be slaughtered. Any dialogue is absolutely impossible. I’m not exaggerating. They are a different world, they are not like us. Have spent 14 years climbing in some moslem countries of middle asia. My first impression was: am I still on earth? And where all this crap came from? The first meeting with locals in a small village started when they didn’t allow one of our expedition members, female to get into chaikhana (tea-house) but they were kind enough to let her sit on dirt at the front door. At the end of our conversation one of them said: “Why do you need this woman? Can you sell IT to me?”
    Out of curiosity we asked: “How much?”
    -“12 sheep”,
    -“No shit! it’s a good deal!”,
    He sadly said:”Well… white women are more expensive then locals”
    Then we learnt from him that a woman out there is a THING. You can buy it, sell it, kill it, gift it. Whatever you want! What a Freedom! As a point of interest he also showed to us a “rock of improper wives”, 200 metres cliff from where they drop women from time to time in front of all children and females to teach them a lesson. It must be very clear message though… I could’ve told you some scarier stories.
    Now, what do you think, are they sane people? I don’t think so.
    Do you want to live there? If you are a male – yes, why not. Except for the prayer when you have to keep slamming you head against the floor five times a day. This is how shit hits the brain. That how they become brainless morons. Our next expeditions have only added the feeling that something is terribly wrong with these people.
    Let me tell you how I see it:
    – there are 1.3 billion of moslems in the world, too many..
    – 90 percent of moslems are illiterate people who don’t know writing. They can be turned into any way their leaders want.
    – there is one source of the news and one available teacher – semi-literate imam in most cases.
    Two major problems in Europe:
    1. oil dependency. One jerk in saudi told me: “allah gave us oil that we can sell it to infidels in western countries, then we use the money to fight them”, what a sick mind!
    2. Europe needs a working power to do a dirty low-wage job.
    3. Europe is ageing. Needs fresh blood.
    YUO opened door for this rubbish! It wasn’t just about tolerance to any religion. YUO made a huge mistake. I hope it’s not too late to turn around. Do not be fool, the moslem emigrants will never accept your lifestyle, your freedoms, your values. They HATE you. Instead they are conducting a silent war. They breed like cockroaches in a dirty kitchen. Pretty soon they will outnumber you guys in your own home and legally take over your governments. Moreover, this is a misconception that new generations born in Europe will be different, remember London, they all were born in UK. Here, in east europe the same thing is going on.
    So, what to do?
    Unite! Ring a bell! Claim your government to pass a tough law on emigration. Stop it.
    Watch mosques since it seems like they teach youth with concept of fuck’n “holy war”, jihad. Once there is any concern – level the mosque. Kick all that crap out of the country. Start making kids at last! Two per family is a very minimum.
    You are laughing.. OK..It is not going to happen. Fine. But do you realy want to live? What are you waiting for? Untill some piece of holly shit deploys a nuke somewhere in Europe?
    Remember 9/11, Spain, London, Theo van Gogh, France, Moscow, Beslan, not to mention Israel.
    Who is next?

  10. yudi says:

    laknatullah for you from Indonesia Muslim People.
    i hope your company fucck off

  11. Muslim Youth says:

    Does freedom of speech mean ‘FREEDOM TO PROVOKE/INCITE?’

    It is sad to see people drawing outrageous pictures of the noble man described in the Quran as, ‘… a mercy for mankind.’ People are making judgements about Islam & the Muslims left, right and centre without any knowledge.

    So please make sure next time you do something controversial, make sure you research it thoroughly.

    If you want to get some brief description of Muhammad peace be upon him follow these link:…religion/islam/…m/ topic04.shtml

  12. Muslim Youth says:

    Shall I tell you what I think about the noble messenger Muhammad peace be uopn him? Well to keep it interesting, I will
    just copy a brilliant song written by a rising star in Britain, Kamal Uddin:

    It is time for all of you to know
    Muhammad is my hero
    Whether you say yes, no maybe so
    Muhammad is my hero

    He taught me not to swear or fight
    He guided me towards the light
    Never to cheat, never to steal
    Worship Allah for He is real

    It is time for all of you to know
    Muhammad is my hero
    Whether you say yes, no maybe so
    Muhammad is my hero

    His message was simple and clear
    There is only one Lord whom we must fear
    A prophet of Allah teaching mankind
    To recognise God through his wonderful signs

    It is time for all of you to know
    Muhammad is my hero
    Whether you say yes, no maybe so
    Muhammad is my hero

    Islam is what he came to teach
    Religion of Allah is what he preached
    Throughout all corners of the world
    To the children of Adam, boy and girl

    It is time for all of you to know
    Muhammad is my hero
    Whether you say yes, no maybe so
    Muhammad is my hero

    Confirming what was sent before
    A vital message I could never ignore
    When I hear His name I begin to cry
    For the one who never used to lie

    It is time for all of you to know
    Muhammad is my hero
    Whether you say yes, no maybe so
    Muhammad is my hero

    Oh everybody I ask from you
    To follow Muhammad only if you knew
    To accept that there is only one Lord
    Besides Him there is no other God

    It is time for all of you to know
    Muhammad is my hero
    Whether you say yes, no maybe so
    Muhammad is my hero

    Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, Sallallahu ala Muhammad
    Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, Sallallahu ala Muhammad

    It is time for all of you to know
    Muhammad is my hero
    Whether you say yes, no maybe so
    Muhammad is my hero

    It is time for all of you to know
    Muhammad is my hero
    Whether you say yes, no maybe so
    Muhammad is my hero

  13. mike says:

    god is above all,

  14. mike says:

    you people talk about terrorists , think again , read history , christians have the worse record in terror you dumb asses , read your bible ,

  15. john says:

    comment 109–how true. i live in england and the muslims are taking over areas like vermin. now is the time to act

  16. Recovering Muslim says:

    Belief is the Death of Intelligence


    Recovering Catholic

  17. Rob Brown says:

    Mohammed’s second wife was 6 when he married her and she was 9 when he took her virginity. Take a look at:

    Many Muslim countries force their little girls to undergo female genital mutilation. Women are merely property and the scum of the earth. In some countries if a woman is raped then she is hanged for being an adulteress. Before a muslim kills any female she is raped because they believe that only virgins may enter heaven. They actually believe this shit!

    Why do they have a crescent moon on their flag? Because Allah is not God – historically Muslims used to worship the moon god.

    They are determined to take over the world and force everyone to embrace their ‘faith’ which is in fact little more than a cult.

    They have got Governments running around trying to placate them and not cause them upset. They hide behind a mask of respectability and pretend that it is only a few fanatics who want to kill and warmonger. This is simply not true. It is part of their belief that they must kill anyone who will not convert and join their cult.

    Koran in one hand and sword in the other.

  18. AA says:

    people are all the same..we only get judged by what we do..
    nobody is better than anyone else..criticising someone makes someone else criticise you..
    do good while u still can..have mercy to those who lose their faith..pray that
    they will find their way..
    who are we to judge another person when we ourselves are not the perfect being..
    people might say we are stupid, so are they..
    they might say we are uncivilised, so are they..
    they might say we are a bunch of morons,because of our faith, so are they..
    no point expressing anger when anger itself kills the innocent..
    no point expressing hatred, when hatred itself kills the innocent..
    no point pointing fingers when the fingers are pointing back at you..
    no point ridicule others when it only shows your immaturity..
    no point creating misery,when you know that God will answer to prayers..
    Live by your means..follow your faith..moderation is the answers to all..
    to the extreme depletes mankind
    till then..!

  19. Apokryf says:

    Who published the cartoons ?
    A Danish newspaper ? Was that were you saw them, folks ? ´Cause I didn’t know a Danish newspaper had all that many subscribers abroad. Somebody is having great fun manipulating us these days. Let’s go find the culprits together !

    “The resistance against Hitler and nazism will grow, the further back in time The Third Reich lies.”

    Johannes Gross

  20. norwegianmuslim says:

    “We stand by the publication of these 12 cartoons,” says Flemming Rose, culture editor of the Jyllands-Posten.

    He was the man who commissioned the cartoons, one of which shows the Prophet with a turban on his head covering a ticking bomb.

    But knowing what he knows now, would he still commission and print those cartoons?

    “That is a hypothetical question,” he says. “I would say that I do not regret having commissioned those cartoons and I think asking me that question is like asking a rape victim if she regrets wearing a short skirt Friday night at the discotheque.”

  21. reason says:

    If Jyllands-Posten is the Danish voice, is Osama Bin Laden then the Muslim voice??

  22. AB says:

    I am completely aware of the danger posed by ignorance. It appaears that many of the comments are appealing for a greater knowledge of Islam. I too believe that this is vital. However this is meaningless unless it is a reciprical process. Cartoons are an act of satire. They are only offensive if you misunderstand their objective. Satire is a tool that makes people question, something fundamental to any human being, independent of religion. Did the Christian world boycott British goods when monty python dipicted jesus singing on the cross? These cartoons may be disrespectful to muslims, but haven’t they also made a point?

  23. AB says:

    (contin.)….Instead of fighting we should all learn from this experience. Had Mecca censored all offensive materials in 610 AD the Quran and Muhammad’s preaching may never had existed. What was once offensive to the Meccans became their religious bedrock. Freedom of speech is a principle not a phase. Do not hide behind religion. Ignorance knows no religion. Ignorance knows no boundries.

  24. Lewis Field says:

    The chaotic, ludicrous, supersilious, moronic activities of those cultists who worship some allah-god would seem rather interesting and even informantive to me. They’re all such lun’s that good, solid insane behavior goes far to prove what many of us has tried to warn all along. And really, who cares. Let them do their monkey mimicry, for after all its fun television, a great diversion, and keeps them away from blowing up airlines, putting strap-on bombs under their kid’s clothes, or slaughtering Isralis at pizza parlors in Televiv. If they’re wanting to rant and dance over some shaman like the cook Mohamed, a medivial pedophile with a taste for blood and perversion, then all the better.

  25. DR VVV says:

    guy become buddisht everybody LOVE BUDDA u never here anthing bad about him hahhahahhaha

  26. hitman says:

    fuck all the christian that pray for cross wood

  27. sg says:

    Subject: We condemn your attitude which reflect your personalities

    it’s really shame on you to do such ridicules thing, insulting our prophet Mohammed
    will never downgrade or humiliate him, however it will upgrade him. We all know that people like you usually get jealous when they see that 1.3 billion Muslims respect, admire & obey their prophet this much just like we will follow him to hell when jesus says they will.

  28. nadira jaffer says:

    What other than ignorant remarks can you expect from a people who have no respect for their own religion or Prophet Jesus? Church attendances have dropped no young people in Europe go to church anymore, they prefer to stay at home and watch television and smoke pot and make babies at 13 aND 14!!
    WHAT they cannot understand is the “faith” we Muslims have in our religion. We should ignore these ignorant pig eaters, and have faith in ourselves. The day of Judgement is fast approaching then we will see what happens and who it happens to!!

    We don’t whine at our fate, the Muslims have sufferd too. Unlike the Jews who go on and on about the holocaust. It’s over! get over it!!

  29. Ray Ban says:

    I am really worried that people calling themselves christians, like the editors of the Norwegian Magazinet are able to launch a war of
    religions. In fact they are a bunch of fanatics and it’s really sad that people who fight for freedom of expression consider them as allies
    their allies. Those people are the enemies of freedom and misuse freedom of expression to launch a war on islam. By doing so, they
    endanger freedom of speech, which should be based on love for truth and knowledge, not on hatred and ignorance. They also betray the
    message of Jesus Christ which was a message of love for all people on earth. As a christian, I don’t wish to be associated with those
    people and beg my muslim brothers for pardon. I also urge them to believe that a lot of westerners have warm feelings for the muslim
    world and refuse to assimilate islam with terrorism.

  30. David says:

    OK! I guess you’ve all been sucked in to the greatest con of our time.

    As an intelligent people “Thats you lot” of all faiths it saddens me to think that so many have been soooooo misled.

    It is indeed a fact that all regions, books and stories’ “cos that’s all they are”
    were written by those in power to dominate over those who didn’t have any power to determine there own future.
    (Look in you history books people)

    In a nut shell it’s all a game to control the little people, that’s us you and me. So believe me when I say “There is no God, Profits or disciples” The Bible, Koran
    And all other type books are a lie intended to suppress the people into thinking that something good will happen if you toe the line.
    And when you die it’s OK! Cos you will live in Heaven. POPPYCOCK…..


    There is only one life live it well………….. Don’t distroy it!

  31. A.A says:

    alsalamo 3alaykom..what a real shame what happened to our prophet..we respected such countries and they disappointed us by what they did..they know nothing at all about islam and our prophet.realy these people if they new about islam and how wonderfull was our prophet from the right sources for sure they would feel sorry for what they did. HASBONA ALLAH WANE3MA EL WAKEEL

  32. JG says:

    Welcome to the “Dark Ages” of the present, and the fact through all of ‘man’s’ history, the single most destructive force in his miserable existence has been one thing…”Religion!” or the reign of the Witch Doctor. It’s often been noted that the proof of a God would be fatal to religion: a God susceptible to proof would have to be finite and limited; He would be one entity among all the billions of others within the universe, not a mystic omnipotence transcending science and reality. What nourishes the spirit of any religion is NOT PROOF, but FAITH, i.e., the UNDERCUTTING of man’s mind.

    The purpose of any man’s life according to ANY religion….is to become an ABJECT ZOMBIE who serves a purpose he does not know, for reasons he is not to question! So in the name of a friend of mine, “Brothers you asked for it!”

  33. Carlos says:

    I am still waiting on the scripture in the Quran/Koran…
    “the Christian and the Jew are not your allies they are your enemies and allies of each other”….now where is the peace in that…am i misinterpreting , I know that you can’t modify it since “every word is sacred” ..will a Muslim please carify this for me?

  34. Anonymous says:

    The world lacks tolerance. What these people are to begin waves of destruction over a matter that can be settled in court quietly, peacefully, and doing justice to the event.

    This is posted by a Muslim, by the way.

  35. kathia says:

    Im not a religious person, but from all im most afraid from Islam, Muslims are living now in many countries in Europe getting a lots of benefits and instead of beeing grateful just showing agression, killing in name of Allah,getting offended from everything, ive read Quran, some thing seemed to me really strange, like virgin mermaids waiting for a man after his death in paradise, pedophilia, zoophilia which Mohhamed is telling are good and loads of strange things, or that was a fake Quran??? Anyway think that Muslims have to be more tolerant to the contries where they are living,i mean Europe! sorry if ive offended someone

  36. respect! says:

    Why is it that we have such indifference, lets ask a few questions, i have quite a lot of muslim friends and they believe in allah with all their hearts , they cannot ask questions as some westerners and people from other parts of the world would , such as have why have i never seen god , heard his word with my own ears,i havent felt the presence of god , he didnt answer my prayers, why not? these are a few questions a muslim would not ask and would not be allowed to ask , this is the difference , we are asking these questions , because we are taught from an early age to believe in god but we are not what some people would say brainwashed with it i.e the education used in the maddrass’s (excuse my spelling), and jewish teachings ,forget any persons religion for one minute though and do ask one question , why does anyone believe in thier particular god and religion , and the fundamental answer is factual , from a very early age my family , relatives, people from the same background, society told me it was true ! so i believe it with all my heart , so was it or is it factual ! maybe we will never know! wether this type of teaching is right or wrong dependant on which faith you believe in , it does not allow a person who reaches maturity to question the world around themselves , they cannot ask THE question ! o.k i hear you say this is the way allah or gods from other faiths wants it , but at the same time , many muslims and jews also other faiths do not choose the islamic or jewish faith , they are indoctrinated to its belief that it is the one true religion and they would be damned for all eternity if they do not accept this, i myself believe that the importance of being born is to aid your fellow man for his need is real and needs your help , a god if believed in would want your prayers and humanitarian attitude to your fellow man , my muslim friends at times have quietly confided in me that yes they do believe osama bin laden is a good and blessed man and al queda are fighting for the islamic world , but then they do insist at the same time they want peaceful resolutions to world polotics rather than terrorism, murderings and other acts of violence from all countries of the world and their people,but they too believe that islam is being perpertrated by atogonists ,right wing activists , people who would be nobodies if they did not stir up hatred, i myself am inclined to agree with them, the topic this week is islam , but religious indifference will never go away in the earths lifetime, but we can stop for a moment each time their is a potential flash point and ask the question am i and my religion insulted to the point we should go out and take lives or seek acts of vengence,or should we show the world we can debate ,protest, politicise while still showing the world we can act with dignity and not act like a baying mob at times? and earn more respect from the world? think of it this way, a few men in a few countries made serious misjudgement in your eyes but not in thiers, but the islamic world have castigated the whole of europe for what would amount to less than fifty people making a decision , im sure fifty people from a possible one biliion people is surely not reflective of the general consensus of the whole of europe. I am an infidel if this is what you would know me as, i have no religious beliefs i make no apologies for this ,can i and indeed many of the earths population still go about our lives trying to be all that we can be , or do we have to adopt a god just to please or appease others ? we all have to learn to live together if not for our sakes, but for the future of our childrens! respect to all believers and thier gods .

  37. The muslims who have been busy threatening,insulting and attacking other people because of some cartoons need to look at themselves in the mirror.They need to ask what their reactions were each time some innocent person trying to help in the middle east is killed and the tape of the inhuman and barbaric act is posted on the internet. Do they protest? Hell oh no ! Do they condemn the killing? Definitely not.Where were those now fighting for Mohamed when the innocents were killed on 9\11? Ihave had it to the gill with the extreme hypocricy of the muslim elite who encourage terrorism either covertly or by their implied acquisence in the act by their very silence. Iam a Nigerian from the Yoruba tribe. Muslims,Christians and African traditional religion worshippers live together in peace.No one attempts to force his or her opinion on the other and when we travel out of Nigeria and Africa as we tend to, we respect the cultures and norms of our adopted or host nations. The arab muslim is exceptional in his insistence on changing every society he escapes his homeland to dwell in.Only he knows how to worship God, every other person is labelled infidel.It is time my Muslim brethen took a long hard look at themselves.

  38. Carlos says:

    now there is a deceased Catholic priest gunned down inside the Church by a 14-15yr old Turkish boy…who left the scene saying Allah Akbar…..that piece of shit..he gets this crap from the imams who are all pretty much anti-West and pro-Jihad…not peace….”the
    Christian and the Jew are your enemies and allies of each other”….your religion is not peaceful when millions of Muslims are behaiving in violence and destruction and I hope that death is non-existent but it isn’t as lives are being lost by this hate that is always boining and looking for an excuse to lash out….very very peaceful***bastards you don’t represent any faith by killing as is in the Bible and the Koran…thou shalt not kill………….sob’s

  39. Zainab says:

    Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him is truly the purest of the mankind breed. He lived in the full light of history, and the minutest details of his life are known. He was a man who lived a humble life in the service of God, and established an all-encompassing religion and way of life by showing what it means to be an ideal friend, husband, teacher, ruler, warrior and judge. For this reason, Muslims follow him not for his own sake, but in obedience to God, because Muhammad not only showed us how to deal with our fellow human beings, but more importantly, he showed us how to relate to and worship God, worship Him in the only way pleasing to Him.

    We remind you that Islam is not a new religion because “submission to the will of God”, i.e. Islam, has always been the only acceptable religion in the sight of God. For this reason, Islam is the true “natural religion”, and it is the same eternal message revealed through the ages to all of God’s prophets and messengers. Muslims believe that all of God’s prophets, which include Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, brought the same message of Pure Monotheism. For this reason, the Prophet Muhammad was not the founder of a new religion, as many people mistakenly think, but he was the Final Prophet of Islam. By revealing His final message to Muhammad, which is an eternal and universal message for all of mankind, God finally fulfilled the covenant that He made with Abraham, who was one of the earliest and greatest prophets. Suffice it to say that the way of Islam is the same as the way of the prophet Abraham, because both the Bible and the Qur’an portray Abraham as a towering example of someone who submitted himself completely to God and worshipped Him without intermediaries. Once this is realized, it should be clear that Islam has the most continuous and universal message of any religion, because all prophets and messengers were “Muslims”, i.e. those who submitted to God’s will, and they preached “Islam”, i.e. submission to the will of Almighty God.
    I say to those who do not know about Islam and still persis to blaspheme Muslims and thier Prophet ‘Any ridiculing acts, no matter how many in volume and number they are, they would not change this fact that billions of people believe in’. Allah, the Almighty reported this in the Glorious Quran. Your ridiculing just express your nescience about Islam.

  40. Brian says:

    Muslims hide behind the quoaran like it is some sort of fuckin bullet proof jacket.Maybe they should have a picture of Mahammed’s arsehole so that they can kiss it every day.Well to be honest they can kiss my arsehole.

  41. DR HATER says:

    You think you are fucking smart, ha….you mother fucker? you need to kiss some serious asses. I don’t see your stupid ass fighting for America in iraq, it piss me off when a bastard that came to this world the sinful way talk as he/she is a hero when they are nothing but fucking pig eaters who will go straight to hell in life and after life. Instead of posting those negative comments on a religion you know nothing about go learn about your own religion I am sure if you have one they will advice you to have better manners, hope you will grief for the rest of your miserable life, you fucking PIG DR

  42. AL-Muslim says:

    I wish that if anyone of the news papers editors come in front of me i swear i will drink his blood that every one is a dead man i will kill them all

  43. Daughter of God says:


  44. Daughter of God says:



  45. ... says:

    i’m still unable to comprehend what ‘freedom of speech’is…on the one hand holy Prophet(p.b.u.h)is caricatured in objectable manner and ‘they’ claim this offence as ‘freedom of speech’..on the other hand a women,whose son got killed in Iraq, is jailed for just wearing t-shirt that says:”2,245 dead. how many more? this what u say freedom is?? can offend,satirize or hurt other religion under the banner of freedom but one cannot show his grief and anxiety over tens of thousands of soldiers’ killing for hidden reasons…even if it includes ur son too!!that woman not only lost her son but also her right of liberty of expression.but here, freedom law can be ammended if it hurts the congress objectives, and its more rigid and firm if it hurts thousands of muslims around the world!!!
    i think there should be a distinction between free speech and civic limits. free speech should not provoke sensitivities, particularly in hybrid, multicultural is a matter of civic responsiblilty and wisdom not a question of legality and rights!

  46. Monitor says:

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