Gilbert and George


There have been rumblingsfor a while about Gilbert and George’s new exhibition at the White Cube Gallery (warning: hideous Flash site. Someone should complain). Sonofagod Pictures: Was Jesus Heterosexual opened today.

Tory MP Anne Widdecombe has already complained furiously. She thinks it is

blasphemous in the extreme, as [Gilbert and George] will find out when finally they stand before the Son of God


Glibert and George respond:

Gilbert: ‘Christians are abusive to humans – to women, to queers. They threaten us with hell’.
George: ‘That’s offensive, not us.’

3 Responses to “Gilbert and George”

  1. Stuart says:

    Wouldn’t you just love these geezers as your older relatives? Their comments in the Observer on the utter blandness of art made by folk half their age were so refreshing.
    I wonder if they’d be godlessparents to my daughter if I asked them? She’s surrounded by such dull role models and I feel I ought to raise her expectations a bit.
    Incidentally, I once silenced a fundamentalist pillock myself by asking, ‘Where exactly in the Bible does it say Jesus was a heterosexual anyway?

  2. Dan Factor says:

    The views of Ann Widecombe shows why we should all be greatful that she still is not in office.

  3. marc says:

    Hear, hear. I want to email Shirley Williams – who does seem to have her head screwed on the right way – but can’t get her email address. I’ll have to use snail mail. Poo.

    Dawkins explains it: when the Bible was written we thought that homosexuality was a choice – now we *know* different, this sort of bullshit (which is already offensive) should be made illegal.