Stephen Green blasé about BNP support

Christian Voice director Stephen Green finally makes clear his opinion about having the BNP on board in his campaign against Jerry Springer: The Opera:

There may have been BNP members present at our meeting – there may also have been Labour supporters. We don’t ask people for their voting records,

he told The Observer‘s Alice O’Keeffe.

4 Responses to “Stephen Green blasé about BNP support”

  1. Stuart says:

    Anybody see Green on the BBC’s Sunday morning comedy show (well, I watch it most weeks for a laugh), Heaven and Earth Show? They covered the Plymouth anti Springer protests, though completely forgetting to mention the BNP input and also Green’s blackmailing of the Scots anti-cancer charity. If you didn’t know better you’d almost think CV were sane and respectable until Green spoke. Top marks to Jonathon from Ekklesia for putting another view, by the way.
    I also wonder how much they paid Green? Knowing a few folk who work on such TV and radio shows I suspect he’s making a steady income from such appearances, so it would be legitimate to ask why the BBC are paying an extremist. Isn’t it slightly irresponsible to give public money to a freak who threatens sick kids when he can’t get his way? For example, they also had the upcoming Holocaust memorial day on, but didn’t invite David Irving to come on and say it never happened.

  2. Paul says:

    I think Irving would probably find it a bit difficult to turn up anyway considering that he’s in an Austrian prison on Holocaust denial charges.

  3. Scaryduck says:

    The Ekklesia chap did a rather good job on Green – allowing him to hoist himself on his own petard over his views on capital punishment.

    Ekklesia: (paraphrasing) “I don’t think Christ would have been totally for the death penalty as they were hammering the nails in.”
    Green: “Yes …err.. but…”

  4. Steve says:

    I caught the idiots face while flicking through the empty channels Sunday morning and immediately sent an e-mail ot the show: “Why do the BBC continue to give this close-minded, bigotted imbecile the oxygen of publicity that he needs to survive?

    Ignore him, leave him out of the public eye and let him crawl back into his little hole where he belongs.

    I got this reply from the producer:

    “You’re quite entitled to your opinion about Stephen Green, but not everybody would agree with you. Christian fundamentalism, free speech and how far religious should determine freedoms and the public agenda for our society is a valid current debate, both within the Christian community and amongst the wider public too. Christian Voice have strong views on that. Many of our viewers, many of whom didn’t like Stephen Green’s opinions either, have emailed to say that they were glad to see the debate because they felt airing his views (and testing them) is worthwile.”

    I am waiting for them to invite Abu Hamza on next.