Green takes a step back from BNP

According to the BBC, Stephen Green of Christian Voice has had a change of opinion on the BNP’s involvement with his anti-Springer campaign. They are now “not welcome”.

We can only assume that the Lord God Almighty must have gotten wind of Stephen’s previous devil-may-care attitude to the BNP’s endorsement, and had a quiet word in his ear.

Incidentally, the BBC report repeats the old myth that Christian Voice “orchestrated 55,000 complaints when the BBC screened the musical a year ago”. CV’s involvement was minimal. Most of the complaints – which originated from the southern states of the USA and, bizarrely, Spain – were a direct result of an anonymous email circular, which Stephen Green had nothing to do with.

Premier Christian Radio also played a much larger part than CV, particularly in the post-broadcast complaints. This seems to have led to some bitterness on their part, as CV continue to get most of the credit!

6 Responses to “Green takes a step back from BNP”

  1. it’s my protest and I’ll cry if I want to

    Mediawatchwatch adds comment, putting Christian Voice’s change of heart in context and reminding how crediting Christian Voice with the rallying of 50,000 complaints is highly dubious.

  2. Rosalind says:

    Hmm. Don’t see how Mr Green even has 50k supporters! The irony of Christian Voice, is that it does not represent the voices of the majority of Christians! Maybe Mr Green and a couple of friends, but NOT all Christians.

  3. Stuart says:

    Doubt if he’s related, but amusing coincidence that the Plymouth BNP organiser is also called Green. By funnier coincidence, he came last out of 11 candidates at the 2003 election, so he’s probably got about as many friends as his namesake.

  4. Judgemonkey says:

    The direct intervention of God ‘getting wind of these things’ is often that timeley. I remember a story about the head ‘apostle’ of the Mormons who was due at a hearing on why the mormon church wouldnt accept black people in to its priesthood. On the way, apparently, god got in touch and told him it was a bad thing and to change the rules. He turned up at the meeting, told them it was all change and all was right with the world. Lucky hey!

  5. Rosalind says:

    Judgemonkey. I heard a similar story. The Mormon Church changed its views on black people because it was going to lose its charity status (or something like that!). Hmm. Makes you think!

  6. daniel levison says:

    Doubt very much if it was the Lord God who had a word in his ear though…
    …more likely some big brother type having a quiet but intimidating word, and lets face it this is the kind of thing going on in this country today, whether we like it or not, shadowy officials and thought police abound..and yes we can bury our heads and pretend that it doesnt happen, but its there, and it does happen. Thank you Noo Labour or whatever they call themselves these days, perhaps voting for a homegrown political party might just save us all, our right to be Christians, because the present “government” have done eveything they can to promote other cultures, but left our own to rot. Sorry for going against the current liberal ideal, but sometimes being too liberal can defeat our own existence.