Behzti actor tells his story

Just over a year ago the play Behzti was forced to close by violent Sikh protestors. Madhav Sharma, one of the actors in the play, tells his story to Catalyst Magazine, revealing how it felt to be part of the production, and giving an insight into the minds of the protestors.

One of the central objections voiced by their representatives, all men, was that it was ‘unacceptable’ to set the play in a gurudwara . However, other (less publicised) complaints were also made that it was ‘unacceptable and insulting to all Sikhs to have a black man kissing a Sikh woman’ or ‘for a Sikh to be shown as a homosexual’.

(Tipped from Rohin at Pickled Politics)

2 Responses to “Behzti actor tells his story”

  1. Rosalind says:

    Shocking, is it! A religious man being shown as a homosexual! People don’t choose their sexuality, they discover it!

  2. marc says:

    This problem with homsexuality (and even the interracial objection) is typical of deeply held religious belief. We have tolerance in the UK (yeah, right) but under the carpet we’re breeding intolerance: and the Christian schools are one of the worst offenders.

    This indoctrination on the grounds of deeply flawed ideas really has to be stopped before it becomes any further ingrained.

    Religion in all its forms really gets on my tits.