Cartoon revenge

Yes, I know. It’s still going on and it’s getting a bit boring, but this latest idea of cartoon revenge is quite funny.

First, the Arab European League decide to test the boundaries of free expression by publishing a few anti-semitic and holocaust-denying cartoons on their website. And now Iranian newspaper, Hamshahiri, is holding a holocaust-denying cartoon competition.

While these cartoons will undoubtedly be hurtful to many Jewish people – just as the Mohammed cartoons were hurtful to many Muslims – it will be interesting to see how many death threats the AEL will receive, and how many Iranian embassies are torched as a result.

8 Responses to “Cartoon revenge”

  1. martyn says:

    Iranian Embassies torched? I still remember the last time, when the sas did it live on’t telly!

  2. Andrew Nixon says:

    Iran’s supreme nutter, I mean leader has said that the cartoons are an Israeli conspiracy motivated by anger over Hamas’ win in the Palestinian elections.

    Hmmm….. so these cartoons from September last year, were motivated by the win for Hamas in this January’s elections. That makes sense.

  3. skp says:

    In a similar case in 1986, The Deccan Herald newspaper of Bangalore, India, carried a short story called “Mohammed the Idiot” . Indian muslims went on a riot and even burned the newspaper office. Few people were killed in that violence that followed. So long as people of Islamic or any other faith think that they are too precious, and do not allow anyone else’s point of view, this kind of violent reactions will continue. The world outside of India did not react to this 1986 newspaper article, because unlike today the media was not globally linked.

  4. tom p says:

    Andrew – I think he actually said they were part of a zionist conspiracy, rather than Israeli (for all the difference that makes when that halfwit is talking)

  5. Selby Ndondo says:

    I find it pathetic that grown men and women are offended by a cartoon. Alot of people have religions aswell as a religious taboos. When these taboos are broken by someone the only person responsible is the person who has broken the taboo. That perosn will be punished by God (if there is a God). These people should stop being hypocritical (making Holocaust cartoons) and shut up and live their lives. The only people willing to die for a cartoon are people that dont have anything else to live for.

  6. fatima says:

    the point is that always there r boundries 4 freedom of expression in case of jews,hindus etc.but there is no boundry 4 muslims.i want an answer from u about the fact that a cartoonist Cristopher zealer in April 2003,drew some offensive cartoons of hazrat Isa.well,that is also condemnable to muslims.anyhow, he sent them 2 editor 4 publishing but the editor,Janes, of the Sunday magazine of the controversial paper “JYLLANDS POSTEN”refused saying it ‘ b offensive 2 many people .i ask u “why there is freedom of expression only 4 beliefs of muslims .tell me an example, if european or american media ever offended jews 4 their religion .

  7. Josa says:

    Sure the holocaust competition in Iran and the violence surrounding
    the Muslim Prophet’s caricatures are childish. However, the whole aspect
    of freedom of expression comes with its limits and boundaries, else there
    would be a whole lot of hate-mongering in the world today (oh, which of
    course there’s lots of that now). The Danish cartoons proved the
    double-standardness of the west, whereby any anti-semitism is
    totally offensive but Islamophobia is totally acceptable…then we wonder
    why muslims all over the world are annoyed and offended?

  8. Doodi says:

    This guy might get up to 10yrs in prison in Austria for denying the holocaust.

    I wonder what happened to the “freedom of expression” right in Europe!!!

    no further comments 🙁