Toon hoax exposed

American blog Neandernews has discoverd the source of one of the three “extra” cartoons distributed by Danish imams in their successful attempt to stir up outrage in the Middle East.
mo pig hoax
The image on the left was one of the three added by the imams, allegedly showing Mohammed as a pig. It is actually a grainy photocopy of the image on the right, which is a photo of Jacques Barrot, a contestant at the French Pig-Squealing Championships in August 2005.

Maybe the Danish imams should enter a team for this year’s championship?

(Tipped from Brussels Journal)

4 Responses to “Toon hoax exposed”

  1. martyn says:

    He looks more like that facist south african bloke that used to run the awb, can’t recall his name at the moment, but how apt. I think pigs are getting quite a bad press from all this and I feel quite offended for them.

  2. Bloggerheads says:

    Fraudulent fuel for the fire

    Finally, we see some common sense making it to print here in the UK (see scan to your right or click here for the article (requires payment/subscription)). Here’s what most of the mainstream media have been missing/ignoring… Gateway Pundit -…

  3. GagWatch says:

    The radical root of the Muhammed protests

    One of the most rewarding parts of running a blog such as this is when, after months of obsessively hammering on and on about some issue, the mainstream press finally catches up. It would be nice if they did a bit of fact checking, but you can’t have …

  4. […] Abu Laban was one of a group of Danish imams that took a 43 page dossier to the Arab world with the intention of stiring up a reaction. The dossier contained not only the cartoons that had been published in the Jyllands Posten, but also three more deliberately offensive cartoons – depicting Muhammed as a paedophile demon, with the snout of a pig (which has since been identified and revealed to have nothing to do with either Denmark or Muhammed), and being sodomised by a dog – that had never been seen before. Abu-Laban claims his material clearly made the distinction between published and not published, but he could not show that distinction to Simon in his own copy of the dossier. Was his intent to stir up passions? “We didn’t give it to the media. Don’t forget this point,” says Abu-Laban. To which Simon replies, “I am the media and I have it.” Posted by Paul in Denmark (February 18, 2006 at 7:33 pm) […]