Opus Dei demands Da Vinci Code changes

Riding on the crest of worldwide religious outrage and keen to stake their own claim to special treatment, Opus Dei have asked for changes to be made to the upcoming film of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. They do not want it to include “references that hurt Catholics”.

Not content with merely calling for the film to be given an adult rating (because, you may recall, “when history is manipulated, you cannot expect a child to make proper judgments”), the Catholic group now wants the story changed:

particularly in these days in which everyone has noted the painful consequences of intolerance.

Do you think they’re referring to the recent documentary series on the Inquisition?

(Hat tip to Andrew)

15 Responses to “Opus Dei demands Da Vinci Code changes”

  1. Andy A says:

    They want it to be given an adult rating? Twats. I seem to remember that some Catholic nutters were calling for that homophobic Gibson headcase’s gorefest The Passion of the Christ to be given a younger rating so that kids could witness wanton torture. But, then, Catholics are mighty kinky.

  2. Stuart says:

    “when history is manipulated, you cannot expect a child to make proper judgments”
    If the Catholic Church had not spent so much time manipulating their post-war image, there might be a few more kids making proper judgements about its part in legitimising anti-semitic sentiment with theological ‘evidence’, branding Hitler a good Christian and thus helping to enable the Holocaust.
    Also be interested to know why, if they have such high morals, the Vatican Bank refuses to return to the rightful owners the millions it lodged in Nazi war gold or enable any investigation into the matter.

  3. Marc Draco says:


    Laideeeez and Gentlemen – I present to for your viewing pleasure tonight: “Opus Dei – Hypocrisy in Action.”

  4. china teapot says:

    The Bible is full of sex, violence and should never be shown to minors.

  5. G. Tingey says:

    “when history is manipulated”
    And * Propaganda * , as a word, was invented by the RC church
    hmmm …..

  6. Scaryduck says:

    I’ve been encouraging people to avoid The da Vinci code for ages. Because it’s crap.

  7. martyn says:

    I sa w a programme about the da Vinci code, and they did the same thing with moby dick and guess what? Lots of coded stuff in there too!
    Have you heard about the catholic exorcism?
    Parents have to contact the devil to get the priest out of their kids.
    Scaryduck, are you the same scaryduck friend of zoe???

  8. Joe says:

    Er, Martyn, I think you’re getting confused with the Bible Code. Which is also wank, obviously, but nothing to do with Brown’s hotchpotch of stuff he’s nicked from much, much better books.

  9. Marc Draco says:

    Hey duck. What I know of the Dan Brown’s DVC is that it is pretty crap. But then, so is the Bible – and plenty of people have been sucked into believing it.

  10. Dave says:

    dude the Da Vinci code is hogwash. Basically they say men are the reason the world is shitty and violent and christianity is sexist and before constantine converted the european world to christianity everything was peachy keen. o except that ppl got fed to lions and enslaved each other and had wars then too. (hard to believe since christianity wasn’t around to corrupt the world) it embraces old paganistic beliefs, which i dont really care one way or the other about, but pinning the worlds problems on men and saying the world would be better if it were completely run by women is one of the most sexist piece of crap statements ive ever heard

  11. martyn says:

    Thanks for that joe, all these old story books start to blend into one after a while.

  12. Bksand says:

    I disagree with censorship but both the cartoonist and the author of the Da Vinci Code are being blasphemous!!!

    How does this promote peace and understanding between nations, cultures and religions?

  13. Andy Gilmour says:


    If you gained greater “understanding”, you might start to comprehend such concepts as the irrationalism of moral authority derived from undetectable supernatural entities.

    And freedom of expression.

    Now would you like to debate whether it is possible to blaspheme that which cannot be demonstrated to exist?

    The cartoons aren’t very funny, and the Da Vinci Code is a load of (recycled) piffle, but what gives anyone the right to suppress them based on mythology, pray tell?

    Finally, why exactly should we promote “peace and understanding” with blackmailing supernaturalists (of all creeds/sects/persuasions)?



  14. […] After failing to get an “Adults Only” rating and failing to get the film changed, the secretive Catholic group Opus Dei, are now trying to get a disclaimer at the start of the film emphasising that it is a work of fantasy. In a statement, the group said: Some media have written that Sony is examining the possibility of putting at the beginning of the film an announcement to clarify that it is a work of fantasy and that any similarity with reality is purely coincidental. […]

  15. Phil Maguire says:

    Funny to hear some of you defending a book centred on the claims of a rabid right-wing anti-Semitic Frenchman who admitted under oath that his Priory Of Sion was a hoax. But at least it gave you a chance to indulge your mindless anti-Catholicism, otherwise known as bigotry.