Christian fundies target Liddle

Rod Liddle’s documentary last Monday, The New Fundamentalists, was about how Christian creationists were taking over “foundation schools” to promote their primitive world view to children in the UK.

The UK Life League, an anti-abortion campaign group, took such exception to this “grotesque attack on some of Christian morality” that they sent an email circular out to supporters attacking Liddle. They included his home address.

Nice folk, these fundamentalist Christians.

(from The Observer)

UPDATE: Bartholomew has lots on the UKLL’s far-right links.

10 Responses to “Christian fundies target Liddle”

  1. Andrew Nixon says:

    I don’t agree with a lot of what Rod Liddle says, but when it comes to religion, he’s pretty much spot on.

    He’s one of the few high-profile (ish) people to actually say on radio and TV that Iqbal Sacranie is a nasty piece of work.

  2. Dan Factor says:

    Arn’t the UK Life League such a nice organisation. They would force women to have unwanted pregnancies just in order to preserve THEIR morals! Some fucking morals!

  3. Rod Langlands says:

    I did the survey on one of the links and it seems two thirds bekive the Gumment should fund these ‘faith’ schools. Good luck!

  4. Craig says:

    Their “morals” are non-existent, i’m an athiest but i know more about christianity than they do; “turn the other cheek” etc.

  5. Andy Gilmour says:

    Not that I support anyone being harassed by these dogmatists, but as I recall it, one of Rod Liddle’s previous shows puts him in rather a less “saintly” light regarding religion:

    I don’t remember the title, but essentially he was trying to somehow prove that a nagging dissatisfaction he (a Catholic? I think?) had with trendy, modern, liberal theology, and the only thing that would work would be some good old fashioned fire & brimstone toe-the-line dogmatism. At the time he was making this diatribe (wherein he mentioned a desire for family values to be taught for his kids), he was “playing away” rather vigorously. It also included an interview with Richard Dawkins, where Prof. D was his usual rational, reasonable self, and Liddle couldn’t even begin to debate with him, so just resorted to name-calling.

    Plus he was always really crap on Call My Bluff.


  6. Bartholomew says:

    Nice folk, these fundamentalist Christians.

    Especially the UK Life League, which is led by a man with some very dodgy friends. I did a bit of digging.

  7. Stuart says:

    Bartholomew’s stuff is useful – the Irish reporter was actually helped with reaearch by Searchlight, the UK antifascist guys, by the way, who have more on the subject on their site.
    One thing he does’t mention is Precious Life’s involvement in closing down abortion advice centres in Northern Ireland. Regional offices of the one service still operating had to close because after several mysterious fires the police said they couldn’t guarantee safety of staff. Precious Life dropped a lot of heavy hints at the time that it was down to them.

  8. Marc Draco says:

    Don’t suppose you have a copy of that memo, Monitor? I’d like to pen a note to Ron to say thanks!


  9. sconzey says:

    Hehe… Well, I’d say don’t judge a religion by is practitioners.

    If they claim to be Christian, and yet what they do goes against the teachings of Jesus, they’re clearly not. If they claim to be Muslim, but what they do goes against the teachings of Mohammed, they’re clearly not.

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