Norwich vicar defends Springer

The Rev Peter Nokes of St Peter Mancroft Church in Norwich has been standing up for Jerry Springer: The Opera. He told the Norwich Evening News:

The so-called blasphemy scenes are all portrayed as a kind of dream in Springer’s mind. I don’t think they are blasphemous because they are in a dream. The writers are saying that Jerry Springer is manipulative. It is not about God. It’s about the lack of dignity in which he treats people’s problems.

He expressed his view that most mainstream church leaders and Christians in Norwich distanced themselves from the extremist anti-Springer activists.

Unlike most of the protestors, this Rev has actually seen the show – twice on DVD – and he intends to see it live in Norwich when it arrives in May. This places him at an advantage over the BNP/Christian Voice complainers, as he is in a position to understand what the show is about:

Jerry Springer, the TV personality exploits people by making entertainment of their problems, seemingly without any concern for the dignity of his guests. Humanity is degraded.

The Opera ridicules and satirises not only the trashiness of the TV show that Springer presents, but also the sort of culture which glories in such trash.

In ways resonant of the mediaeval morality, it suggests that Jerry Springer’s soul is in peril.

Right on, Rev.

3 Responses to “Norwich vicar defends Springer”

  1. Marc Draco says:

    Um… a thinking man’s vicar. 😉

    Course, if you belive the world was created under 10,000 years ago (as the protestors appear to) what hope can we have of them acheiving rational thought.

  2. Joe says:

    One of my best mates is the daughter of an East Anglian vicar – they’re not ones to stand for much nonsense, from what I hear.

  3. Alan says:

    God’s name is to be honoured and as Christians which includes Rev Noakes this mean standing up for His name and protecting the name of our Lord. The trouble with society today is that there is no fear of God. The day will come when everyone will stand before this awesome God and give an account. I wouldn’t want to be in the position of those who have supported this aweful production. NO i have not seen it – but I have other fellow Christians who have and that is good enough for me. I wasn’t at the holocaust but I know that it was inhuman what the Jews went through.
    Praise God that there is a remant in this country who are willing to stand up and be counted.