Church recalls Mo-toon-carrying magazine

The Archbishop of Wales has apologised to the Muslim Council of Wales for the “unfortunate mistake” of publishing the France Soir cartoon which featured a handful of deities, and the prophet Mohammed, sitting on a cloud. Mohammed is being told “Don’t complain… we’ve all been caricatured here.” He has asked anyone with a copy of the February issue of Y Llan to return it.

The editor of the paper has resigned. Because Mohammed is special.

9 Responses to “Church recalls Mo-toon-carrying magazine”

  1. Marc Draco says:

    Wanker. (The Bish I mean, not the editor).

  2. passerby says:

    AFAIK, its Y Llan.
    Which means ‘the church’, very original name for a church rag.

  3. Monitor says:

    Thanks, passerby. Corrected Welsh spelling.

  4. Pinchbeck says:


  5. Pinchbeck says:

    Sorry, that was supposed to be ‘pussies’, but the baby got to the keyboard. 😉

  6. Andy A says:

    How much more kowtowing and bowing down to these fuckwits before we lose our freedom of expression altogether. And we get some idiot on the Welsh Assembly – representing my interests – applauding this appeasement. It’s enough to make you lose the will to live.

  7. Alan H says:

    Odd, this! One of the defining differences between Islam and Christianity is that the former believes that Muhammad was a prophet, while the latter denies it. What the freak is the Archbishop of Wales doing calling Muhammad a “prophet” when his “prophecy” consisted precisely of denying key tenets of Christianity????

  8. Andy Gilmour says:

    Maybe he’s just showing some slavish loyalty to his monarch-to-be:

    The best advert for republicanism money could never buy.

  9. martyn says:

    Lets not loose sight of the fact that all religious types are fuckwits, be they followers of crispianity, islam, ispork, isbeef etc etc lardy da da my gods bigger than your god ;-}