Danish imam threatened to “bomb” opponent

The Scotsman reports that Ahmed Akkari, one of the imams peddling the Mo-toons around the Middle East in the hope of stirring up a bit of pious outrage, is to be investigated by Danish police when he gets home from a Mo-toon conference in Bahrain.

A French TV documentary secretly filmed him threatening to have a political opponent, Naser Khader, the founder of Denmark’s Democratic Mulims, bombed.

With delicious irony, Ahmed Akkari is claiming that his threat was “meant as a joke”. Quick somebody draw a picture of him with a bomb on his head!

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2 Responses to “Danish imam threatened to “bomb” opponent”

  1. Pinchbeck says:

    What a wanker.

  2. […] The Scotsman (via) reports that one of the imams at the centre of the Muhammed Cartoons Controversy, is to be investigated by Danish police over allegations that he issued death threats against a moderate Muslim politician. A French TV documentary crew secretly filmed Imam Ahmed Akkari threatening to have Naser Khader — a founder of Denmark’s Democratic Muslims network, which opposes violent protests over cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad — bombed. […]