Mo-toons displayed at Free Expression rally – one man questioned charged

free expression rally

Several Mo-toon banners were in evidence at Saturday’s March for Free Expression, which attracted about 600 people. One man complained to the police that he felt “threatened” by the presence of the cartoons, which led to Iranian dissident Reza Moradi being questioned by the police. According to Maryam Namazie, he is due to appear in court for the offence at some point.

While Reza was being questioned, his banner, which displayed four of the Mo-toons, was passed among the crowd (see above).

A handful of Muslim boys dressed up as soldiers also turned up, but few people noticed them.

8 Responses to “Mo-toons displayed at Free Expression rally – one man questioned charged”

  1. Andy Gilmour says:

    Tony Blair makes me feel threatened.

    Can I have him locked-up, please?

    Sheer bloody madness.

  2. Craig says:

    Threatened by a cartoon?

    Big man.

  3. Pinchbeck says:

    Interesting that they arrested someone on the day for peacefully showing the Mo-toons at this rally, yet it took weeks to arrest the protesters who threatened to bomb people at the Mo-toon protest….
    What really makes me sick to the stomach is that religious groups can seemingly get away with the most outrageous behaviour, yet constantly claim persecution. Religious hatred? Yes, I hate all religions.

  4. tom p says:

    He wasn’t actually arrested as such, more taken to one side and questioned.
    This doesn’t make it any less ridiculous. What’s also interesting is that there were at least 4 or 5 banners with some or all of the mo toons on, but it was only the sole non-white person carrying one who was cautioned.
    His banner only had the turban bomb ‘toon and a long explanation of why freedom of speech is important, whereas one bloke had all 12 nad nothing else and nowt happened to him.

    It was nice to meet you at the rally Dave, hope to do so again.

  5. Monitor says:

    Hi Tom. Yes, it was strange there were several Mo-toon banners in evidence, but only Reza got his collar felt. Mind you, the complainer did point out him alone. You can see pictures of the guy actually making the complaint here and here. Anyone recognise him?

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  7. martyn says:

    The links to the pics don’t work ;(
    I hate all religions too, they’re for very gullible stupid ignorant ill informed bipolar etc. etc. etc. people who like to dictate to others how to dress speak behave etc. etc. etc.

  8. Monitor says:

    links fixed