Ridley Scott to make Mohammad biopic

According to the IMDB, veteran British film-maker Ridley Scott has announced that his next project is to be an epic biography of the prophet Mohammad.

The director of Heaven and Earth, Gladiator and Bladerunner is apparently unconcerned about the controversial nature of his project.

The taboo on depictions of the prophet Mohammed was originally about discouraging idolatry. There is no chance of anyone accusing this film of being idolatrous.

Scott, who co-wrote the screenplay (working title: Mohammad!) says it will be a “warts-and-all” portrait of the prophet which sticks closely to historical Islamic source texts.

There is a lot of disinformation and misunderstanding about Mohammad and Islam in the world today, and I believe this film will act as a corrective. Yes, there will be objections from some quarters, but I am convinced that the time is right for a movie on this subject.

When asked about some of the more problematic events in the life of Mohammad, such as his alleged marriage to the 9-year-old Aisha, Scott was remarkably frank.

There were some questions raised about whether or not to depict this particular episode, but we decided to tackle the issue head on. It’s there in the source texts, and as serious film-makers we felt obliged to record it without attempting to gloss it over in any way. In fact, Aisha is the one part that we have already cast. Sharon Stone is very excited about it.

Iqbal Sacranie of the MCB was reportedly furious when he first heard about the project. However, when he was offered the role of head consultant on Islamic matters, he had a change of heart:

I am proud to be part of this important project which will increase understanding of Islam and build bridges between faith communities.

A spokesman for the recently-formed MAC (Muslims Against Comedy) was less enthusiastic, branding the film “the height of bad manners” and muttering darkly about “consequences”.

11 Responses to “Ridley Scott to make Mohammad biopic”

  1. andrew says:

    You got me for a while last year, but not this year.

  2. Craig says:

    Haha you had me for a minute, til i remembered what day it was.

  3. Hector says:

    Arse – I spent 10 minutes on imdb looking for it. That’s the one and only I will fall for today.

    Incidentally, I’m about to order one of these, they look great!


  4. Andy A says:

    Nice one, Mon. Didn’t see it till Sunday morning, unfortunately.

  5. Nope, didn’t have me going for a minute (Although I was nearly going to write a sarcastic blog post about Chris Martin joining the Tories)

  6. tom p says:

    you swine! you had me going right up until Sharon Stone.

    Nice one

  7. Scaryduck says:

    Sharon Stone did it for me as well. Jolly good!

    Of course, I should have known – there’s no soundbite from J. Beyer…

  8. John Beyer, Mediawatch-UK says:

    I take great exception to the depiction of holy personages in this modern medium of cinematography, which is hardly a fitting manner in which to represent the Great Prophets of the three Great Religions. Of course, Jesus is the one we really need to protect. I mean, he’s the real Messiah, after all. But we must respect also our Muslim brothers and sisters because on our heads (or is that off with our heads?) be it if we don’t. As for Footballers’ Housewives

  9. Andy A says:

    Interestingly (or predictably?) the MAC, which Monitor cites in his post, has still got only the three signaturies, signatories or however they mangle it on their website after – how long that the petition has been there?

  10. Dan ML1 says:

    Muslims Against Comedy?


    Expect a wordy reply from Ismaeel-Haneef Hijazi pointing out how rude and inflammatory this article is…