Toon rage, Catholic style

From The Tablet, outrage in Germany at MTV’s plans to show the Popetown cartoon series, which features Ruby Wax as the voice of the pontiff.

Alerted by full-page ads in several German TV magazines, the bishop’s conference and several leading Catholics have attacked MTV on various fronts. The Archbishop of Munich said:

It is obvious, in view of the recent uproar over the Danish Muhammad caricatures, that the time has come to treat people’s religious beliefs and symbols with greater sensitivity in public.

Quite the contrary, we’d have thought.

The archdioces of Munich has threatened legal proceedings, Jewish and Muslim groups have added their voices, and the Bavarian leader, Edmund Stoider, intends to try to change Germany’s blasphemy laws

in order to protect people’s religious feelings.

That should really be: “pwotect” people’s “weligious” feelings.

Meanwhile in the USA, a student newspaper is under fire from the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. The Insurgent, an independent publication based in Oregon University, published a series of Jesus cartoons which league president William Donohue described as “flagrantly anti-catholic” and “one of the most egregious examples of hate speech targeted at Christians”.

Look at this one – doesn’t it make you really hate those bastard Christians?

Other cartoons feature Jesus on the cross in various humorous poses, god with a hard-on touching Adam’s willy, and a full-colour picture of Jesus and another guy snogging.


The entire issue is available here (PDF download).

More in-depth reporting at Hot Air.

5 Responses to “Toon rage, Catholic style”

  1. […] The Tablet (via) reports that bishops and other leading Catholics in Germany are protesting against MTV’s plans to show Popetown in the German-speaking countries on 3rd May. […]

  2. Andy Gilmour says:

    Just as in the Danish cartoons, the only real offence is that the cartoons aren’t funny. Odd, when the University of Oregon website boasts about the vast number of creative artists,etc on campus & in the local area… Mind you, “creative” doesn’t necessarily mean “understands the nature of satire and comedic application thereof”, I suppose…

    I love the way the Catholics tried to grab pre-eminence in the “under attack” stakes. They’re the largest denominationin the US (leading the Baptists by about 8%), but the Protestants as a whole outnumber them 2 to 1, so surely they should claim “squealing rights”?

  3. martyn says:

    On the plus side, while they’re putting their efforts into this, perhaps it’ll keep them out of the kids for a bit.

  4. marc says:

    Ow. Martyn that’s low. (ROFLOL!)

  5. Larry says:

    Jesus cartoons? Children will be children and adults would be healthier if they didn’t get so damned upset. Bad taste? So what else is new in the childrens’ world?
    C’mon, you “offended” Christians. Relax! All you’re doing by your screaming is to publicize the cartoons for wider readership.
    (The Rev) L.H.McC.