Angry Hindus close exhibition

Pickled Politics reports that the London-based Asia House gallery has been forced by Hindu groups to close down an exhibition by artist MF Husain.

The exhibition included paintings of nude Hindu goddesses, which provoked the ire of the Hindu Human Rights Group and the Hindu Forum of Britain – the group previously known for the upstink they kicked over “sacrilegious” Xmas postage stamps.

PP quotes IBN live:

An official at Asia House, London, said the decision was taken because of threats to the paintings. The move followed demonstrations against the exhibition by several Hindu groups in Britain.
A local advocate Rajkumar Pande had filed a petition on March 3 alleging that an ‘objectionable’ painting had hurt the sentiments of Indians.

Censorship envy strikes again.

UDATE: Sunny reports that two MF Husain paintings were actually destroyed before the gallery closed the exhibition because of threats.

9 Responses to “Angry Hindus close exhibition”

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  2. Chris Hughes says:

    “A local advocate … had filed a petition on March 3 alleging that an ‘objectionable’ painting had hurt the sentiments of Indians.”

    Oh, poor babies… it must be awful being them…

  3. Andy Gilmour says:

    I take it that the “local advocate” would be aware of the existence of a great many “Indians” who aren’t Hindus, and wouldn’t necessarily give a toss?

  4. Hmm says:

    Well…I’m half Indian and my sentiments haven’t been hurt…not even half of them.

    I’ll check with my fathers family, Indian Hindu’s the lot of them, thugh they haven’t seemed particulaly upset recently…

    What’s all this about a postage stamp…if half my sentiments are being hurt somewhere I want to know about it.

  5. Andy A says:

    Bezhti all over again. Why aren’t the cops (and why didn’t they in Brum) taking that much-vaunted though somewhat clichéd “zero-tolerance” policy over such threats? If there were a bunch of malcontents who were did not represent any particular religious or ethnica group (a group fo freethinkers, for instance) threatening, say, the City, other big business or a religious organisation, you can bet your bottom they’d be out in force with big pronouncements from Sir Ian Blair and other chiefs to the effect that society cannot tolerate behaviour that threatens ordinary people going about their ordinary lives and their ordinary business and their ordinary pursuance of their ordinary religious freedom. Property is under threat. If it were the collection of paintings at Lambeth Palace (if it does have any art on its walls), it would be protected, backed no doubt by an injunction granted by a court.

  6. G, Tingey says:

    Are there not some temples in Idia with some VERY suggestive and rvrn explicit sexual scenes CARVED into them?

    And why has no-one the bottle to tell these whiners to go and eat a beef sandwich?
    ( In the same way that what whining muslims need is a pork sausage! )

  7. Yes, yes; I was going to say exactly that. Have these idiots even READ about the lives of the Hindu deities, or SEEN any classical Hindu artwork? It’s actually hard to imagine anything being more sexually explicit.

  8. BlueDesi says:

    Hi Dave

    I’ve published
    more details, including image of one of the vandalised painting.

  9. Robert Sharp says:

    The Goddess, the Spokesmen and Censorship…

    I, an ignorant Occidental, am to learn about Mother India, Durga and Draupadi, what better way to begin the dialogue by presenting an image of Them in the classical style?