Asians Against Censorship

Sunny Hundal, the campaigning Asian journalist and editor of Pickled Politics, has come up with an interesting idea. Prompted by the closing down of the MF Husain exhibition at Asia House, mentioned below, he writes:

I’m thinking that it may be worthwhile exploring the option of holding a protest (or some sort of action) in favour of Asia House showing MF Husain’s paintings. Sooner or later we will have to take a stand. We cannot let the likes of the Hindu Forum, Muslim Council of Britain, MAC, Sikh Federation etc issue press releases about the “grave insult” that actions of others have caused millions of people, when we know it is one man in his office.

Asians Against Censorship (AACE)? This needs discussion, which is why I’m posting it here. Sooner or later we need a coalition of people, from the Asian community, who are willing to stand up against censorship. Otherwise they will carry on competing with each other in the victimhood stakes.

Go there and watch the birth of a movement.

MWW bids them God-speed.

9 Responses to “Asians Against Censorship”

  1. Ricky Smith says:

    ” MWW bids them God-speed.”

    Would that be a generic-God, or just their’s in particular? Just wonderin’!

  2. Monitor says:

    It’s a pretend god.

  3. josef says:

    good idea, i guess your were looking for the good you’ve finally found one.

  4. josef says:

    ..although it seems more political ambition rather than real cause..

  5. Andy A says:

    Perhaps every time there’s a protest about something like this (obviously, this wouldn’t work well with a play), the organisers should post the art on a website, making the point that it will get a far bigger audience. Since they’ve had to close down the physical exhibition, anyway, there should be no revenue considerations. Artists may decide that, provided certain criteria are met – such as duration of the online exhibition – they’re happy to have their works exhibited in this way, partly to show them off, of course, and partly as a protest against attempts at censorship. Every time this is done – and, if an organisation were to be adventurous, it could extend to videos of theatre – the point must be made: far more people are now going to see this; if you don’t protest when we want to stage it in meatspace, fewer people will see it – it’s up to you. It will obviously take some organisation, and some bodies talking to other bodies, and web space set up and hosted far away and anonymously (or in a safer country). But it could be done. Off-the-top-of-my-head thoughts at the moment – this could be refined. Unless of course I’ve missed something glaringly obvious and have been talking impracticable bollocks.

  6. Ricky Smith says:

    Great idea, but I wonder which ISP would be brave enough to host it?

  7. Andy A says:

    And with that comment, Ricky, you’ve hit the nail right on the head. The religionists have got us by the short-and-curlies. God/Allah/Vishnu and the rest win. Odd how powerful these beings can be. I think I’ll become nonexistent and see if I can wield that much influence on the art people will be allowed to see! 🙂

  8. Ricky Smith says:

    …and not only will you have the advantage of countless knobheads worshipping your every utterance, but by being alive enough to make conscious decisions you’ll be able to perform bespoke miracles etc…yey! The possiblities are endless!

  9. martyn says:

    I’d command them all to sacrifice each other