Exposed: raging Da Vinci nun is a fake

MWW reported last August about a protest at Lincoln Cathedral by a nun and a few hangers-on. They were angry about the Da Vinci Code being filmed there, after the dean had accepted a “donation” of £100,000 to the church funds.

Now the BBC reveals that the nun in question, “Sister” Mary Michael, isn’t really a nun after all. She just likes to dress as one. A spokesman for the Nottingham diocese said:

Her connection with the Carmelites ended a long time ago. She has never been professed by our bishops and she doesn’t belong to any recognised order.

She has no official connection with any order or any of the parishes. She’s a one-off, a maverick.

The sham sister responded:

The bishop knows all about me, he knows why I wear my habit and so on. It is unusual, I can say no more. I can’t even understand it myself but I’ve never done anything underhand – I can’t with this personality

She also explained why she continues to protest at the DVC:

I am standing up for what every Catholic should believe in the true body, blood, soul and divinity of our lord.

She probably can’t help it, with that personality.

5 Responses to “Exposed: raging Da Vinci nun is a fake”

  1. Pinchbeck says:

    Sooo, she’s just a random nutter!
    How apt…

  2. Stuart says:

    More of a nun-conformist, I’d say

  3. Ricky Smith says:

    Or a loose-canon

  4. martyn says:

    Mmm, I wonder what if other personalities have any dirty habits?

  5. martyn says:

    Made a compete balls up of that, dyslexia rules ko?

    Mmm, I wonder if her other personalities have any dirty habits?