Christian Institute inflates numbers

The fantasy-prone homophobes of the Christian Instute have more than doubled the previously-estimated turnout for the Cardiff anti-Springer protest, claiming that “about 1,500” attended the demo. Even the BNP – hardly noted for their honesty – put the number at “almost 700”.

Also, having failed in their aim to get the show cancelled in their Newcastle home, they still managed to spin a victory out of it by pointing out that the Theatre Royal turned in a loss of “£16,700”. However, as this was taxpayers money, and the theatre boss Philip Bernays believes that the Instutute’s “campaign of dis-information” did have the effect of deterring people, it is hard to see what they are so un-Christianly crowing about.

2 Responses to “Christian Institute inflates numbers”

  1. That christians are lieing toe-rags is hardly news 🙂

  2. P. Gudgeon says:

    Dear Friends including D Cantrell, as a Christian and one who rather poorly follows CHRIST.I must point
    out that to be a christian you know that we are sinners, we are no differant form all of mankind,we
    all have lied,cheated in one form or another, including you and I, but when you become a Christian
    we come to that realizasion that we are sinful and fall short of Gods Standards Which if you truly
    look at then, you will see quite clearly they are for the good of all mankind.If we all take the time
    to reflect and be totally Honest with ourselves,( and i mean totally Honest),then we clearly understand
    that Gods Laws speak of things in which all right thinking people know Love thy neighbour, do
    do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.Finally my friends, I and any true Christian
    don’t believe that we are any better than you, we can’t judge you, because who am I to judge,i am just a man,
    but by the Grace of God.Please take the time to look around see what mankinds is doing? Sadly my friend
    you will see Hatred,Selfishness in abundance, Materialism, look after number one,but in Christ there isaway